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  1. Crooks

    Solved  PC Build Required

    My friend wants to build a PC. He's not going to do any heavy gaming on it at, maybe something light like CS:GO, but this should generally be an everyday casual computer for school work and etc. Should be under $530 Canadian before taxes No KB/M or monitor required Will be used as an everyday...
  2. Crooks

    Solved  Cheap gaming rig

    Hello, my brother wants to get into some light PC gaming and his current PC just cut it. Preferably, the build should be no more that $600 CAD but slightly higher or lower is fine. He doesn't need a monitor, OS or keyboard and mouse etc he just needs the essentials. This is what I have going for...
  3. Crooks

    Solved  Help me out

    http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/x6sCvK I whipped that together since I want the build to be under 1k Canadian. Are there any parts I could swap out to get better performance but still keep it under 1k with the monitor and keyboard included?
  4. Crooks

    Solved  Need some opinions on the laptop

    http://www.futureshop.ca/en-CA/product/dell-dell-inspiron-7000-series-15-touchscreen-laptop-silver-intel-core-i7-1tb-hdd-16gb-ram-windows-8-1-i7547-16020slv/10326959.aspx?lang=en-CA&pcname=&sku=10326959&path=cb6b8d6a97b85bbff85dc9b47697ec68en02 I will be using this laptop was my new everyday...
  5. Crooks

    Solved  Time for a build.

    I live in Canada so CAD will be in use. I could always get things imported from the USA but I would prefer not to do that. I am in need of a new computer and I figured it might as well be my time to build one. I'll get some things out of the way regarding my build. Budget - $800 - $1000 but I...
  6. Crooks

    Solved  I need a good build

    I am looking to join the glorious PC master race. I am specifically looking for a build preferably $350 and under. Any help would be greatly appreciated ;)
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