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  1. Crooks

    Show Off First build!

    That looks gorgeous, I wish my build had nice cable management and all that **** but whatever.
  2. Crooks

    Show Off Crooks' PC Build

    Meh, what's done is done but I appreciate the gesture nonetheless :D.
  3. Crooks

    Show Off Crooks' PC Build

    I'm just disappointed at the fact that I had to spend so much on it since I live in Canada, I could have gotten such a better PC for the same amount of money pretty much anywhere else.
  4. Crooks

    Show Off Crooks' PC Build

    Well to put things into perspective, I can run GTA V with a mixture of medium and high settings with a constant 60fps in 1080p. I could possibly push it a bit further but I like my temps where they are currently at. I haven't overclocked anything either. It's possible for me to run everything at...
  5. Crooks

    Show Off Crooks' PC Build

    Yeah I have really been looking into it but regardless, Windows 8.1 64bit on this drive is a huge step-up from Vista on my old pre-built from 2007 lol.
  6. Crooks

    Show Off Crooks' PC Build

    After taxes, shipping and all costs combines, it came to around $1300 Canadian.
  7. Crooks

    Show Off Crooks' PC Build

    Yes I could have but it still would have ran me more because of import tax and all that stuff. Also I don't know why you assumed I was from the USA when it says Canada all over my posts and profile.
  8. Crooks

    Show Off Crooks' PC Build

    Obviously if I had a bigger budget I would have gone for a better card, that's like me asking my neighbor why he got a Honda Civic when he could have gotten a Lamborghini. Please use some judgement Legless.
  9. Crooks

    Show Off  Crooks' PC Build

    I've been meaning to post this thread for a while now. I built my PC about a month ago and I am really enjoying it so far. I enjoy playing games like CS:GO on it with great quality and all that other good stuff. There are a few things that could be upgraded/added in the future like a better GPU...
  10. Crooks

    [Official] SpeedTest & PingTest Results

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