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  1. Crooks

    Solved  Is it possible to "milk" the hardpoint in AW?

    What I like to do a lot in BO2 is "milk" the hardpoint. Basically I capture the hardpoint for the 200 points, wait until the enemy team captures it and kill them and then get the 200 points for capturing it again. I rack up tons of XP per game doing this and I get my scorestreaks super fast as...
  2. Crooks

    Solved  Titanfall for xbox 360 digital delayed?

    I read on a couple of places that the digital copy has been delayed for 2 weeks. Can anybody else confirm this?
  3. Crooks

    Solved  New DLC?

    Is it possible to download it early by changing your locale to UK or Australia etc? I remember people did this for the GTA business update so I am assuming it will work the same way.
  4. Crooks

    Solved  Gta DLC released early question

    So we all know how the DLC was downloadable early by changing your Locale to someplace like Australia or Germany. My question is that do you think we can do this method again to get other GTA dlc early or even map packs for games like Call Of Duty? Let me know what you guys think about this.
  5. Crooks

    Solved  Nos for motorcycles

    Hey guys so does anybody know if NOS works on motorcycles? How about things like jets? Any feedback will be appreciated.
  6. Crooks

    Solved  (Theory) How to get high end cars in garage after 1.10

    So as we all know we cannot get out high end cars with NOS etc in our garage anymore. My theory is what if we created a new character and since you get 1 car insured for free would it be possible to get one of your friends to bring in a car with any upgrades, you finish the tutorial etc then...
  7. Crooks

    Solved  Nos and etc

    Hey guys so my question is if 02 in the hex editor makes nos appear, then what does 03 04 05 etc do? do they do anything or do they just do nothing. If anybody has any experience please feel free to let me know.
  8. Crooks

    Solved  Nagasaki Blazer's

    Hey guys I have been seeing lots of hype for these blazers like the superman blazer, hulk blazer etc... My question is that how do you get tracker/insurance on the Blazer? I tried the new offline to online car glitch where you can bring the offline cars online and I modded the colour's of the...
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