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  1. TheGoon

    Discussion SBMM, thoughts?

    I'm pretty sure SBMM has been a thing since Advanced Warfare. It's just the most noticeable in this game. I don't really care too much but it does suck if you are playing with friends who just got the game, they get destroyed when I party with them.
  2. TheGoon

    Discussion 9 Years ago today!

    Yo you work for cyberweld?
  3. TheGoon

    Discussion 9 Years ago today!

    Still the greatest COD to exist
  4. TheGoon


    It's not boosting just playing normal domination on SHIPMENT
  5. TheGoon

    MWR Double XP Sabotage Boosting

    I only have 1 controller but want to boost all day! TheOnlyGoon
  6. TheGoon

    Return of MaFiA Boosting

  7. TheGoon

    BOOSTING LOBBY 150+ kills

  8. TheGoon


  9. TheGoon


    LETS GET WEIRD! I'm going to be on a bit this weekend and would like to find a party of 4-6 people to play Domination with! I will be host and looking for SHIPMENT Dominiation to make the most out of Double XP! If you are interested join my lobby! PSN: TheOnlyGoon PS: My mic is ****ed so I...
  10. TheGoon

    Shipment Lobby

    Join my party
  11. TheGoon

    Shipment Lobby

    Looking for 4 or 5 people to lobby up and play some shipment domination. 20k XP per game! Leave your PSN below if you want to play! No mic needed!
  12. TheGoon

    Discussion Double xp weekend Jan 29 - Feb 1st

    This would be during the Division Beta!!!!
  13. TheGoon

    Discussion What's the best gamemode to level up fast?

    Chaos Moshphit for sure! You almost always get Nuketown, which is by far the best map to rank up on.
  14. TheGoon

    [CLOSED] ✦ MW3: Online XP Lobby Service! [FREE] ✦

    Totally Legit! Will donate if I get 20th prestige! Chief Brando
  15. TheGoon

    Official Se7ensins COD Ghosts Clan

    I will be down to do some clan wars? What clan level are you guys in Ghosts?
  16. TheGoon

    Discussion Six Awesome PS4 Games Coming Within Two Months

    What about MLB 14 The Show
  17. TheGoon

    Tutorial  Easy XP Guide!

    There has been a debate about the easiest way to rank up in Ghosts. This includes Cranked, Search and Rescue, or just playing any mode you are good at. In my opinion the easiest way to rank up in Ghosts is by playing good old Domination. Class Setup: Any SMG you are comfortable with (I use the...
  18. TheGoon

    Post here if something doesn't seem to be working properly in Madden NFL 25

    Really? I have not encountered that problem. But I would suggest trying to download the game to your hard-drive and go from there.
  19. TheGoon

    FIFA 14 Player Ratings Discussion

    I'm sure there's only one or two of you who may want to discuss potential ratings. So feel free to post your thoughts on the ratings and who should be the best in the game.
  20. TheGoon

    Discussion Really Really Confused about this

    He did something to his profile (edited his name/motto) so that shows up. As you can see the other players that are offline don't say what they were last playing.
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