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  1. davey1

    S&R 120+ Kills 100-140k XP Need 1

    I just need 1 person with 2 controllers. Up to 140,000 XP per match, 90-120k is the normal amount. Up to 126 kills, 90-100 is the normal amount. I have my own method not offered by anyone else. It will just be me and you in the match along with our dummy accounts on the second controller...
  2. davey1

    Need 2 for S&R Boosting - Xbox One

    Need 2 more for S&R boosting on Xbox One. Must have mic, stay in party chat so we can talk, etc. If you don't know how to do it that's fine, read here: http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/tut-how-to-boost-in-team-tactical-search-rescue.1011625/ We rotate every game. Reply with GT. I...
  3. davey1

    Dom Boosting 20-45k XP (w/ Method Instructions)

    I am still looking for some people to boost with. Pretty surprised no one wants to boost on Xbox One. Your KDR is not affected, you don't have to have a second controller, and it's very fast and effective. Not boring, either. I regularly earn 30-45,000 XP plus 15-20 squad points each match as...
  4. davey1

    Dom Boosting 20-45k XP (w/ Method Instructions)

    Still looking for some people. Remember: - Xbox One only - Only need 1 controller
  5. davey1

    Dom Boosting 20-45k XP (w/ Method Instructions)

    20-45,000 XP Per Match! Looking for a few to dom boost with me. It will be 6 total people, 3 on each team. Here's how it works: - Each person will have a partner on the other team. - Each team of partners have their own flag in domination. - Partners take turns capping the dom flag back and...
  6. davey1

    Discussion Proficiency exploit

    Still no ban for me either on the negative token glitch and I'm minus a few hundred. I remember 402 on Twitter saying just a week or so ago that they were doing them one by one until they had a way to automize it. Well, I know his twitpic made it seem like it's automated now, but my guess is...
  7. davey1

    Tutorial [TUT] How To Mod All The Game Ranks In Gamercard

    Still possible to get busted with it, but I agree the chances aren't too high. I would rather not risk my paid Elite on it, however, nor a perma-ban from MW3. Does this give you more Prestige Tokens by chance?
  8. davey1

    Discussion Elite Still Having Problems?

    You are correct, thanks! If I understand right on that page, it also says we will automatically be a founder for activating before the 13th. Does this mean we can sell our founder codes then? I can probably make some money, now! :)
  9. davey1

    Discussion Elite Still Having Problems?

    UPDATE AGAIN After playing a multiplayer match the Elite website now shows me as a paid, premium member. :) Now I just need to get my founder status code working. You guys sure we don't do that until after the 13th?
  10. davey1

    Discussion Elite Still Having Problems?

    UPDATE I went back to the link and it logged me in. The PROBLEM I have is it says I am not PAID! It has an "Upgrade" button but I am f'ing upgraded because I already redeemed my token on my 360. Anyone else have this problem? This is ridiculous.
  11. davey1

    Discussion Elite Still Having Problems?

    I did that too by searching and clicking on the link if you are a returning beta member. It says login now. So I click login, enter my stuff, it asks me to accept an agreement and when I do I get the same stupid "Error 500" crap.
  12. davey1

    Discussion Elite Still Having Problems?

    I did see many ppl on the official Xbox forums for MW3 are reportinng the same errors as me so yeah it's still f'ed. Also, I found this "status" page for Elite that may help some people: http://www.callofduty.com/elite/status They haven't updated it in forever and it says the status is...
  13. davey1

    Discussion Elite Still Having Problems?

    That's horrible. I better still get my Founder status and I better still have my PAID Elite showing up when they get this fixed!
  14. davey1

    Discussion  Elite Still Having Problems?

    Hello. Elite is still acting up very badly for me. Is it just me? I still can't sign in via the Xbox because it immediately says there's an error after logging in and trying to let me look around and goes back to the menu. I did redeem my Elite token/code today too and XBL popped up saying...
  15. davey1

    Discussion Founder question?

    What if you purchase Elite outside of the Hardened Edition and have no "founder" code? I thought you get Founder status no matter how you obtain Elite as long as you do it by that date!?!?!?
  16. davey1

    Discussion Just Bought Elite - Guess What I Got Unlocked?

    Well I really hope they do give us more than an exclusive camo. I want to be recognized in lobbies as an Elite subscriber. Maybe something like WaW where there were gold clan tags.
  17. davey1

    Discussion  Just Bought Elite - Guess What I Got Unlocked?

    ** NOTHING ** That's right. I bought Elite on my second account (will get it free with my Hardened Edition tonight) so I had "Founder Status" on my second account in case I wanted to use it down the road. I was under the impression there were exclusive camos and I was *HOPING* there would be...
  18. davey1

    Discussion Camping is inevitable, despite Infinity Ward’s efforts

    Camping will always be an issue in every fps no matter what, as has already been stated. But I do really like this new feature of MW3 in the map designs. I do very much like the map designs of CoD4 and WaW much better than MW2 and BO. The verticality, as they call it, really makes the game more...
  19. davey1

    Discussion Call of Duty Elite Beta Launches on 360

    This beta for Elite is so far only accessible on the web, but the real deal Elite will be in-game, too, so you won't need a pc. Also, like everything else in life, it's not going to appeal to everyone, so maybe you don't care about it but that doesn't make it a 'bad idea' for everyone. For me...
  20. davey1

    Discussion [How-To] Skip The Automated Robots for Xbox Support

    All you really have to do is say "person" then "representative" each time it asks you a question. It works faster than random noises on most every number I've ever dialed.
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