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  1. D

    Working Buy Everything For FREE (BEFF) - No Downloads/No Android or two consoles needed!

    am I able to do this with planes?
  2. D

    Question  Can’t put custom plate on issi

    How would I go about cleaning dirty dupes I can’t put my plate on it so do I just need to re dupe them?
  3. D

    Patched Facility GCTF Casino New Workaround

    Anyone know if this glitch works to give bmx bikes? 1707790196 Anyone know if this glitch works to give bmx bikes?
  4. D

    Working *SOLO* Frozen Money / Buy Everything For Free Glitch (iOS, Android or NetCut)

    How do I get the bird 1706501217 How do I get the bird I went into campaign and cannot find the plant to get the bird
  5. D

    Solved  Custom plates

    So rockstar removed custom plates and I need one for my second character to clean my dupes is there a way to get a plate form my main or a way to get a plate for my second character
  6. D

    Patched Extreme Easy Solo Rapid Car Dupe

    This glitch sucks don’t do it 100% not worth it I’ve spent over 15 million trying this glitch and haven’t hit it and turning off your wifi don’t get your money back unless you fail then turn your wifi 100% do not recommend it’s a waste of time and money 1679116490 I’ve spent over 15 million...
  7. D

    Patched Extreme Easy Solo Rapid Car Dupe

    Can anyone help me out I’m having problems getting the bike invisible I’m spamming throw the notification and nothing happens
  8. D

    Working Peter Griffin AFK New Workaround

    Someone add me so for AFK tonight please ps5 divineassault99
  9. D

    Patched Extreme Easy Solo Rapid Car Dupe

    I think it has been patched just spent over 3 million trying to do it and it just upgrades the bike
  10. D

    Patched Complete God Mode + Dupe Glitch

    Can I dupe any car and sell it because the one new car sells for 2.4million if I can dupe that and sell it instead of the issi
  11. D

    Patched New Workaround Autoshop Car Dupe

    It not working 1636752346 This glitch is no longer working
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