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  1. Crooks

    News  s1mple joins Natus Vincere!!!!!

    Source In other news, RIP Zeus.
  2. Crooks

    News  Huge Update - New Case, Prime Matchmaking and more

    [CS:GO] – Added new Gamma weapon case featuring 17 community-created weapon finishes and all-new knife finishes. – Operation Wildfire Access Pass is no longer available for purchase. [XP] – New CS:GO players will get a significant earned XP boost multiplier in Recruit and Private Ranks. –...
  3. Crooks

    Discussion  CS:GO Update June 9th - RIP Dust II 24/7

    [MISC] – Replaced the penalty for the suicide or disconnection of a player. Instead of the elimination of round-end income, a living enemy player now receives compensation equal to the missed kill reward opportunity. – On Valve official servers, the current map will be excluded from the vote...
  4. Crooks

    News  Liquid Roster Changes

    TLDR: adreN is out, S1mple is going to be acting as a stand in and they've signed a new rifler but can't say who just yet.
  5. Crooks

    Discussion  CS:GO - What it Offers Besides Competitive Matchmaking

    Now I've made plenty of guides and threads about CS:GO and how to play competitive matchmaking, how to do better in competitive matchmaking and etc, but what if you're one of those people who simply doesn't like playing the game competitively? Well today's your lucky day since I'm going to be...
  6. Crooks

    Discussion  CS:GO + LED Lights =

    Saw this on Reddit, it's actually pretty cool to see what can be done using CS:GO. I'm certain this is probably already available on other PC games but this is my first time seeing something like this for CS.
  7. Crooks

    News  Useful Threads and Guides

    Here are some useful guides and threads that you guys can utilize. Solo Queuing Guide A Guide to Skins How to Fix Corrupt Update Files Various Tips and Tricks Improve your FPS Post your Sensitivity/DPI More Tips and Tricks Digital Vibrance What to Do Other than Competitive If there are any...
  8. Crooks

    Discussion  CS:GO Collectible Pins Released

    http://blog.counter-strike.net/index.php/2016/05/14523/ Looks like all of us who could never make it to a major can buy pins now.
  9. Crooks

    Discussion  Introducing CS:GO - Look for Players Experiment

    After I made my guide to solo queuing in CS:GO, I realized that there aren't many venues where people can easily and comfortably look around for people to play with. Sure there are different spots on Reddit and you can even post a thread here on the site, but in my opinion, nothing beats the...
  10. Crooks

    Discussion  The Art of Solo Queuing in CS:GO

    If you're new to CS:GO, chances are that you were referred to the game by someone that you know. This leaves you with a person, or a group of people you can play with. If you are not fortunate enough to have friends around your rank, who also play CS:GO (like me :c) then you're going to be in...
  11. Crooks

    Discussion  What are your favorite maps?

    Personally, I like Cache, Mirage and Inferno (rip). Dust II is OK sometimes.
  12. Crooks

    Discussion  WESA - Your thoughts and opinions

    http://esportsobserver.com/wesa-leaks-teams-esl/ Seems like a cash grab attempt, definitely not the step we should be taking CS:GO.
  13. Crooks

    Discussion  CS:GO - A Guide to Skins

    One of the first things that people think about when they hear the words "CS:GO" is the fact that you can actually make money out of it. This has brought over many new players into the community, which isn't a bad thing. This guide will be aimed at some of those newer players or people who...
  14. Crooks

    Discussion  CS:GO - A Beginners Guide

    Welcome to my CS:GO Beginners Guide! If you have just started playing Counter Strike, or if you're just getting into playing competitive matchmaking, then this is the thread for you. Please keep in mind that I'm basically a scrub myself (Nova life) so use my guide to, well, guide yourself and...
  15. Crooks

    News  fREAKAZOiD Leaves Starting Roster

    http://cloud9.gg/news/freakazoid-departs-starting-roster RIP NA
  16. Crooks

    Discussion  Who would be interested in a Se7enSins CS:GO Tournament?

    Title says it all, who would be interested? Not making any promises here but this is something I was quite interested about. Players can make their own teams or they could be randomly generated. Leave your thoughts below.
  17. Crooks

    Discussion  Maikelele Leaving FaZe

    Not sure if all of you heard, but Maikelele announced that he's leaving FaZe. How do you think FaZe are going to handle this?
  18. Crooks

    Discussion  That aimlock though

    http://oddshot.tv/shot/mlg-2016040101222793 Skip to 17 seconds and make it .25 speed.
  19. Crooks

    Discussion  The CS:GO MM Quotes Thread

    Post some of the funny **** you hear in MM here. Context: Pushing B from T side on Dust 2, kid says he'll go through first Russian Guy: "Nobody is first, we're all first"
  20. Crooks

    Discussion  IEM Katowice Grand Final

    Who's gonna watch the finals today? It's been a pretty interesting tournament so far. Who are you riding for? Fnatic or Luminosity?
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