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  1. Crooks

    Solved PC Build Required

    That's what I said, yes.
  2. Crooks

    Solved  PC Build Required

    My friend wants to build a PC. He's not going to do any heavy gaming on it at, maybe something light like CS:GO, but this should generally be an everyday casual computer for school work and etc. Should be under $530 Canadian before taxes No KB/M or monitor required Will be used as an everyday...
  3. Crooks

    Solved PC build - $500-800 budget - mainly for internet, word, and older games

    I have that combo, the wheel on the mouse squeaks a lot and it seems to be a well known problem. It's good for the price, but nothing great.
  4. Crooks

    Solved Cheap gaming rig

    How was the build I linked though?
  5. Crooks

    Solved  Cheap gaming rig

    Hello, my brother wants to get into some light PC gaming and his current PC just cut it. Preferably, the build should be no more that $600 CAD but slightly higher or lower is fine. He doesn't need a monitor, OS or keyboard and mouse etc he just needs the essentials. This is what I have going for...
  6. Crooks

    Solved #db124b

    Name them please, every one of my games runs fine, it might just be your system.
  7. Crooks

    Solved #db124b

    What games are those? Windows 10 is fine for me.
  8. Crooks

    Solved #db124b

    Man you said you weren't gonna OC >< not to mention you had an i7 :p
  9. Crooks

    Solved Getting £1,200 at the end of June looking for a PC

    If you're recording and editing then shouldn't you get a HDD to accompany your SSD? I don't see a 512GB SSD lasting long.
  10. Crooks

    Solved Cable management help??

    Same sort of thing happened to me and I freaked out, thankfully I realized that I forgot to flip the switch on my PSU before I rebuilt the entire thing.
  11. Crooks

    Solved Help me out

    I just ordered the Intel build, thank you both for your help!
  12. Crooks

    Solved Help me out

    http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/QgzxCJ If I buy that I can get an SSD with an AMD CPU, otherwise I can get an Intel CPU but no SSD. Should I go with an AMD CPU so I can get an SSD? Or just save money and buy an SSD down the line? 7s Fed Informant
  13. Crooks

    Solved Help me out

    The CPU comes with thermal paste pre-applied right? Do I just use the pre-applied paste or use my own? And how would I remove the paste from the CPU to begin with?
  14. Crooks

    Solved Help me out

    Do I need a CPU cooler? If I don't, this build looks pretty nice. http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/89Ch8d
  15. Crooks

    Solved Help me out

    Ok time to think about this again, for the third time. Thinking this, http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/cygfjX Any flaws? the price is great imo. denz Sanctorum Chazay
  16. Crooks

    Solved Help me out

    What's wrong with it?
  17. Crooks

    Solved Help me out

    I took this build but swapped out the case for the one I like.
  18. Crooks

    Solved Help me out

    I like the case, it'll be staying.
  19. Crooks

    Solved Help me out

    http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/TvwnFT I'm not thrilled about going over budget but how's it look? :)
  20. Crooks

    Solved Help me out

    http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/QgzxCJ I think this is a good adjustment? Or this? http://ca.pcpartpicker.com/p/T7pnFT
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