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    Tutorial [Tutorial] Creating a Multi Call of Duty Tool | Xbox 360 | C#

    Thanks for the tutorial, looking forward to the rest of it. I've just started learning to code. Hope to eventually get the hang of it.
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    Solved Help With software development

    Ok thanks for the help man, that should help me get started. I also managed to find a coding tutorial playlist MODDED WARFARE made on youtube which should also give me a better understanding. Really appreciate it.
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    Solved Help With software development

    Thanks. I'm already familiar with how to get an rgh up and running, installing custom dashboards, mod menus, stealths etc.. I quite like thought of being able to create these kind of things from scratch. I'll have a look into some coding tutorials. appreciate the help. Whats your problem...
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    Solved  Help With software development

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help, as I have now got use to the hardware side of RGH'ing, I would also like to know more on the software side of things such as coding to develop tools/ mod menus and generally being able to make the most out of a rgh xbox. If anyone could give me links...
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    Solved RGH did boot, now it won't

    Thanks for your help everyone but i finally managed to fix it. went over my soldering again. Tried the original timing file and it worked again. Appreciate the help!
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    Solved  RGH did boot, now it won't

    I have Just RGH'd a jasper using the 1.2 install and a coolrunner. everything was fine, got it to boot and everything. knowing it was booting to dash i thought id play around with timing files. Now it won't boot at all. Even when i put the initial timing file that worked back on. I have made...
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    Hardware Mods Help with LED strip install on slims

    Thanks for the help. I have already watched this but was hoping to find something a bit more in detail and clearer to understand.
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    Hardware Mods  Help with LED strip install on slims

    Hi, I have 3 RGH slims ready to sell, but i would like to install some LED strips either around the fan or somewhere else in the Xbox. Can anyone point me to a good tutorial on how to install the strips? As I'm unsure on where to solder the wire connections such as GND etc.. I can only find...
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    Solved Do I need to replace Ace V3 corona crystal if using it for Trinity

    Also might sound like a stupid question but do i need to re write the band each time i try a new timing file? And i don't mean from the stock one
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    Solved  Do I need to replace Ace V3 corona crystal if using it for Trinity

    Hi, Ive have just got a few of my Ace v3 corona chips through, I had read somewhere that in order for them to work with trinity consoles the 150Mhz crystal needs to be replaced with a better one. Is this True? If so where can i find a tutorial on how to do it? I know I need to re programme...
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    Solved RGH xbox account won't connect to XBL

    Sorted it. Thanks for the help anyway. I think because the account i was using already had gold and the stealth server tries to spoof it, it was getting confused.
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    Solved  RGH xbox account won't connect to XBL

    Hi, I was wondering if someone can help, I can sign into my account on my RGH but when press connect to xbox live nothing happens. I can connect to the internet fine and have checked all my network plug ins in DL but it still doesn't work. I have disconnected and reconnected to my internet...
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    Solved Corona 4GB RGH help

    Thanks :smile:
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    Solved Corona 4GB RGH help

    Also how do I tell if its a V4 or V6 motherboard, whats the differences?
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    Solved Corona 4GB RGH help

    Thanks man! Yea I read somewhere that the x360 ace comes with timing files pre-programmed, I'm guessing that means I don't need to worry about programming it? Can I literally just install the chip once ive got my nands and then write the ECC's? Appreciate the help.
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    Solved  Corona 4GB RGH help

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me as I'm looking to perform my first Slim RGH. I'm pretty sure I Have a corona V4/V6 motherboard with a 250GB HDD. I have bought the x360ace glitch chip and the corona post fix, I already have everything else such as JR programmer, soldering iron etc...
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    Solved Xex menu won't load

    Ok thanks for your help. By deleting Xex and reinstalling it will this delete all the files in it such as the games and stuff? And is it literally just as easy as deleting it in xbox neighbourhood and reinstalling the files back in their?
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    Solved  Xex menu won't load

    Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me. I got my RGH 1.2 jasper today. It came plug in and play so had everything like FSD, DL, xnet stealth etc... I wanted to install aurora to use instead of FSD. I managed to install it and setup all my game paths, Unity account etc. I went to load Bo2...
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