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  1. HuskerHeaven

    Tutorial Unlocking Parental Block Tutorial / Factory Reset

    Glad it was of use. Happy to see it still helping people. Happy modding.
  2. HuskerHeaven

    Question Rgh not reading discs

    Do you have a copy of your nand dump before you updated?
  3. HuskerHeaven

    Question Fatal crash

    Are you loading the menu's in DL? Are you on the correct title update for the menu you are using?
  4. HuskerHeaven

    Solved Does NordVPN work with Fire TV Stick?

    Yep. I have it it and it works just fine. Just keep in mind its sideloaded and may have a few quirks.
  5. HuskerHeaven

    Question Can't write back original nand Coolrunner keeps flashing green then it shows 3 red rings (RROD)

    So many things going on here. Once you updated to 9199, you blew an effuse. You can't go back to 7371 at all. You will need a retail image of 9199 to boot retail. That being said, you need your CPU key in order to do anything. You can still get it, you just need to flash the RGH1 .ecc image in...
  6. HuskerHeaven

    Solved gta v mod menu. (new gta v update)

    Until your menu updates, it won't work. You need to talk to the creator of those menus/server.
  7. HuskerHeaven

    Question Cr4 slim identification.

    The CR4 is a glitch chip no longer in production. You would probably be better off with an Ace or basically anything else you can find.
  8. HuskerHeaven

    Question Disk drive

    On older Xboxes, this is a common problem, usually solved by replacing the belt described above. Most on ebay or amazon are not the proper fit, but most do get the job done.
  9. HuskerHeaven

    Question jasper died after trying RGH1.2 help!(hardware related)

    Can you post pictures of the nand-x wires and the clk point you touched?
  10. HuskerHeaven

    Solved Help with RGH chips compatabilty

    Timing files are not universal between chips, especially between an ace and a rev c. Some chips may use the same timing, in general terms a 5v chip will use the same timing as another 5v chip, but a 5v chip such as the ace will not use the same as a 3.3 v rev C.
  11. HuskerHeaven

    Tools [Release] **Clean** Hypervisor for 17544

    Your post was removed because you weren't following site rules in regards to virus scans. Please take a look at the rules and report your post to be reopened.
  12. HuskerHeaven

    Question Falcon RGH 1.2 Matrix Glitcher Not Glitching

    Upload some pics. Sounds like possibly a pll issue.
  13. HuskerHeaven

    Question Xbox 360 problem need advice

    It's very important that the USB is FAT32 and not exFAT. As well, can you screenshot how the folder is on there?
  14. HuskerHeaven

    Question Xbox 360 problem need advice

    Yes, if you use 15574 and follow the steps in the link
  15. HuskerHeaven

    Question Xbox 360 problem need advice

    For that error, you are on dash 8955 and someone tried to update to 15574. So it is stuck in a loop trying to update to that dash. Here's a link to the dash.
  16. HuskerHeaven

    Question Xbox 360 problem need advice

    Most things are fixable, just a matter of how much time and money you want to put into it. For this issue, we would need more details. What type of xbox is it? Does it give an error code or just keep updating?
  17. HuskerHeaven

    Question RGH 1 wiring for phat .

    If you open up JRunner, there are pictures of RGH 1 wiring with a CR. Use the same points as RGH 1.2 on a matrix, but wire them to the RGH1 points on the photo in JRunner, and make sure to use the RGH1 timing file as well.
  18. HuskerHeaven

    Solved No red lights on ace v3

    Pictures would help, but if you are sure the 5v point on the chip is getting 5 volts, then it's a bad chip.
  19. HuskerHeaven

    Question made a mistake with nand, is it fixable??

    Did you remove the JTAG wiring when you wrote retail back? Manually writing a image to the nand should not have blown an eFuse.
  20. HuskerHeaven

    Question Xbox 360 RGH Unable to play games

    When you use god format, file placement is really key when you put it on the hard drive. Use 360isoextract to extract the game data, then just put that into a Games folder on the hard drive. From there, you can manually launch the .xex file. VirustTotal
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