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  1. Han

    Discussion Why do people need to use hacks on public lobbies?

    nah man, i was on gta iv, and as soon as i joined a public lobby this guy added a tree on my character so i couldnt move. Pisses me off
  2. Han

    Question  My problems with the Xbox One

    Well i have had a ps3 coming up for 5 years and i recently bought an xb1, i have to say for next gen its well and truly flawed for what appraise it gets, 70% of games don't install or get stuck Store is ridiculously over priced Putting the disc in the wrong results to restarting the system...
  3. Han

    Question Forgot site name

    https://www.decalgirl.com/make/app/?t=1232 for adding clear windows, its a DIY job, even if a company would do it you would pay something retarded (labour and materials and postage)
  4. Han

    Question PS3 needs to update, but i dont wanna lose my CFW

    any links for good spoofers?
  5. Han

    Question  PS3 needs to update, but i dont wanna lose my CFW

    how would i play online without updating or losing my JB?
  6. Han

    Question Noob trying to jailbreak safely

    Thank you guys :) helped alot
  7. Han

    Question  Noob trying to jailbreak safely

    Right so this is my first time jailbreaking a 3.55 OFW CECHM03 consele :) could someone redirect me to easy to follow instructions or a walkthrough
  8. Han

    eBay PlayStation 3 Prototype Controllers

    Funny, my friend had one without dualshock and was a bit bigger than mine (slim ps3)
  9. Han

    Question Just A Few Things?

    Sorry for the bump! But i have a 3003B model i was wondering if anything can be done to it?
  10. Han

    Discussion Gamertag Help?

    Zerquest Tridesent SwagScopes420 Are available according to Checkgamertag.com
  11. Han

    Discussion Gamertag Help?

    a few years ago some user was selling original gamertags but i cant remember his name
  12. Han

    Not Working Jurassic world the game in Bluestacks ?

    Latest verison? Compatibility issues?
  13. Han

    Discussion Why do people need to use hacks on public lobbies?

    I shouldn't have to pay a fork load of money to not experience it
  14. Han

    Discussion  Why do people need to use hacks on public lobbies?

    I was playing MW2 and the amount of hackers is pretty awful, every lobby there is someone with aimbot, wall hack, ect. Do they use them because they are bad at the game? or simply bored? its your view against mine. They have ruined online once again with petty hacks and mods. Why don't PSN do...
  15. Han

    Tutorial How To Fix TaiG Stuck At 20% Error & Not Detecting Apple Driver

    Thank you, worked for me
  16. Han

    Question  New to modding.

    so i have gta iv and i want to mess around with it, i dont have a jailbroken ps3 or iso mods. is there any tutorial?
  17. Han

    Solved Windows 8 not booting.

    turns out my hard drive is fooked :( thanks anyway guys :)
  18. Han

    Solved Windows 8 not booting.

    Tried that :/ stuck in an infinite loop of "recovery"
  19. Han

    1. Windows
    Windows 8 not booting.

    Was updating abs I faild so it was undoing some changes. It restarted it self like 6 times. Finally it loaded my lock screen and I had no picture but I pushed in my password and waited 1/2 an hour and nothing. I checked google and wasn't just me. I went in to safe mode and could access files but...
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