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  1. Shalour

    Discussion  Destiny 2 Crucible and Trials of Osiris Meta Weapons.

    In preparation to play Crucible and Trials every weekend I wanted to make a thread showing some of the best guns you can possible use in the crucible. The greatest combo of weapons you can currently run in the crucible is the Mida Multi Tool and the Mida Mini Tool. These weapons are great...
  2. Shalour

    Discussion  How to increase your light past 265+

    We have all noticed that when you reach 265 light it extremely becomes slower to increase your light level. I have made this guide to help you increase your light overall. 1. Power up your character to 265 without opening any of the powerful engrams or exotic engrams you get from completing...
  3. Shalour

    News  Double Xp and double weapon xp now live through 3/6!

    It started today at 10 AM PST and will end this Monday at 10 AM PST.
  4. Shalour

    Discussion  Poll: Your thoughts on the Switch

    I personally think this is a horrible direction for Nintendo with the switch. I think the gimmicks are just stupud and they are focusing too much on them. Also, there are a lack of games that are set to release on launch day. What is your opinion on the Switch?
  5. Shalour

    Sun/Moon  What shiny Pokemon have you found yet in Sun and Moon?

    I would love to hear about all of your finds! I have found a shiny Rockruff and a shiny Grubbin.
  6. Shalour

    Discussion  Why did Infinity Ward get rid of Reinforce?

    I thought this was one of the best game modes in general. It took some great team communication to win and I loved how it mixed search and destroy with domination. You also got a good amount of experience per game. Why did they have to make it a limited time mode?
  7. Shalour

    Sun/Moon  Many more Pokemon added + new trainers!

    In yesterday's new reveal trailer there were many new pokemon revealed. First off, we got Type:Null's evolution called Silvally. It has a new ability called RKS System which allows it to change its type with different held items. It is kind of like a man-made Arceus. It also has a new move...
  8. Shalour

    Sun/Moon  New Starter Evolution's and More!

    In this new reveal trailer we were shown the 1st stage evolution's of the three starter Pokemon. Rowlett's evolved form is called Dartrix, Litten's is Torracat, and Popplio's is Brionne. All of them do not change from their original type. They also showed a new feature called the Festival...
  9. Shalour

    Sun/Moon  New Version Exclusive Pokemon, New Z Moves, and New Features!

    There are 3 new Pokemon that were shown during this reveal. First off, Passimian is exclusive to Pokemon Sun. Passimian is a Fighting Type Pokemon that has a new ability called Receiver. Receiver allows it to take the ability of a fainted ally in a double battle. Next is the Pokemon Oranguru...
  10. Shalour

    Sun/Moon  New Pokemon, The Aether Foundation, Ultra Beasts +more!

    A lot of new information was revealed about Pokemon Sun and Moon in the past week. First off, Is a Normal type Pokemon called Type:Null with the ability of Battle Armor which protects it from critical hits. Next is the Dragon Pokemon called Jangmo-o with the abilities, Bulletproof and...
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