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  1. Dini

    Jailbreak Tutorial  iOS 11.0-13.3 Jailbreak for all Devices

    Before doing this it's safe to make sure you go to storage and make sure you don't have any updates auto downloaded in there. If you do just delete it. This is only for version iOS 11.0 through iOS 13.3 (THIS DOES NOT SUPPORT 13.3.1 for old or new devices) Also, if you are are on devices that...
  2. Dini

    PC  Hot Lava

    Do any of you here like the new Hot Lava game? For the ones that haven't heard of it, it's basically a bhop/kz/surf game all in one. Mostly speedrunners are playing it. The game is pretty fun even if you aren't a speedrunner. A preview of the game (ignore my terrible strafes pl0x, this was one...
  3. Dini

    Discussion  Major Update 11/28/2016 - Glove Case

    CSGO Introducing the Glove Case, featuring 17 community-designed weapon finishes. Unlike previous cases, the possible Special Items in the Glove Case are 24 all-new gloves. For more details click here. Introducing the Radicals Music Box, featuring 7 new StatTrak™ music kits from “Radicals”...
  4. Dini

    News  iOS 10.1 Full Changelog

    iOS 10.1 Full Release Notes Camera and Photos Introduces Portrait Camera for iPhone 7 Plus that creates a depth effect that keeps your subject sharp while creating a beautifully blurred background (beta) People names in the Photos app are saved in iCloud backups Improved the display of wide...
  5. Dini

    News  Olloclip Updated Accessory for iPhone 7 & 7 Plus!

    You can look at more pictures as well as pre-ordering on their site here. The prices for the new lenses are: Core Lens Set 7/7 Plus $99.99 Active Lens Set 7/7 Plus $119.99 Macro Pro Lens Set 7/7 Plus $79.99 They also released new upgraded cases as well for the new devices.
  6. Dini

    News  Pokemon GO 1.11.2 Patch Notes for iOS

    Catch Bonus: Trainers can earn a catch bonus for a Pokémon type as they catch more of a specific type. Updated Gym Training: Trainers can now bring six Pokémon to battle at friendly Gyms. The CP of the Pokémon you are battling may be temporarily adjusted lower for your training session. Egg &...
  7. Dini

    News  Pokemon Go 1.9.0 Patch Notes (for iOS)

    Upon launching the app store you will notice that there is a new update for Pokemon Go. If you modify your app in anyway then you may want to stay on that version unless this forces you to update. Here are the changes for the recently released version 1.9.0
  8. Dini

    Tutorial  Downgrade iOS 10.0.2 to 9.3.5

    Pretty simple tutorial that I thought I would post since Apple is still signing 9.3.5 (probably due to old iDevices). Step 1: Head to this link to download your required ipsw for 9.3.5 Step 2: Turn off Find my iPhone and put device into DFU Mode. Step 3: Hold shift while clicking "Restore...
  9. Dini

    News  iOS 10.0.2 Patch Notes

    This small little update was mainly to patch a lightning headphone bug (for new iPhones). Patch notes: Image creds/sources to 9tomac and RedmondPie
  10. Dini

    News  iOS 10.1 Beta 1 Features/Changes

    During Apple's recent event they announced "Portrait mode" for the 7 Plus, but if you have the 7 Plus you won't actually have this when you purchase the phone as it isn't added yet. With this new update for iOS 10 (iOS 10.1 Beta 1) you will notice in settings that it states "contains bug fixes...
  11. Dini

    Request  Youtube banner

    My banner is so broken so I need you beautiful people to hook me up with one Just need it to say Dini and twitter/insta/snap Dini931 if possible along bottom portions somewhere. Whatever you think looks best I'm up to use any new banner at this point! :tongue:
  12. Dini

    1. iOS
    Status of iOS 10.1/10.1.1 Jailbreak

    If you are currently jailbroken then you may want to hold on to that jailbreak till a release. Head to Noobert's thread on how to jailbreak 64 bit devices on iOS 9.2-9.3.3 here. Name of the current jailbreak for iOS 10 that is being shown off below is called yalux_clean (full article on it...
  13. Dini

    Tutorial  Disable calls coming in from other iDevices | iOS 10

    After updating to iOS 10 you may or may not notice that other devices nearby on same iCloud/Wifi will put calls on your device. This setting was enabled by default for some reason and I made a small video tutorial to show you how to disable it. Enjoy :P
  14. Dini

    News  Apple Keynote September 2016 Liveblog

    I'll be doing a live-blog for you guys for the event that starts on Wednesday (times below). This OP will be updated as things are getting announced so be sure to return when the event goes live!! This thread can also be used to discuss anything related with the Apple Event. Times for the...
  15. Dini

    Discussion  Skin Question

    I'm most likely going to do this because pretty much everyone would say yes to the deal. My current knife is Karambit Blue Steel Minimal Wear which is worth around $230 Steam market. I am trying to decide whether to hang on to it or trade it for Butterfly Fade Factory New. They are pretty much...
  16. Dini

    Tutorial  How to farm only PokeStops!

    Note: This uses a modified version of Haxton and in the config you can disable the feature to catch pokemon (which will just farm pokestops). This modified version was not created by me. Download:!bxIUCKwQ!w00aHPD9UrYBIWTgJi5a84hpnhRv8BTqATP3fNNNiYI Virus Scan...
  17. Dini

    NecroBot 30min Workaround (0.3.2)

    Note: This thread is only going to be up till the developer gets back on to fix this issue. Download:!lAIiGTgJ!4Tmr_B9pidb_IkNZ0goH9B8BwM7PJZLskMFgdW-Xlb8 Virus Scan...
  18. Dini

    Really strange request

    My friend is wanting a rose gold Chameleon for a business card. If anyone would help it would be really awesome. I tried changing the hue/saturation on one of the pics, but I couldn't get it to look that good.
  19. Dini

    Discussion  Is Pokemon Go Down?

    This thread is for all the people like me that are paranoid if it's us or if it's just the servers. Is it down? This site will help and tell you if servers are good or not. You can check the status as well via this twitter which updates quite frequently...
  20. Dini

    Tweak  Fix Pokemon Go on Jailbroken iOS!

    If you are like me and were/are wondering why the hell is the app crashing then this should help you. Step 1: Add this source ( to Cydia Step 2: Search and install Masterball (looks like this) Step 3: Open Pokemon Go once you have restarted springboard and you are...
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