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  1. SID v1c1ous


    I had to login, just so I could say..... BUSTED!
  2. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion This xp lobby clip

    i thought I would spice it up a little bit lol
  3. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion This xp lobby clip

    here is one I recorded
  4. SID v1c1ous

    Patched New coloured clan tag glitch...well sort of...

    Actually his was posted 23 hours before yours was.. So yours is exactly from his thread.
  5. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion Be Vigilant challenge - easy way

    Thanks, I got it in 2 mins!
  6. SID v1c1ous

    Tutorial (Tutorial) How to get Flaming helmet!

    I could afford it, but I decided to get the console,which is more than double the price of legendary..., I think they should have put the flaming helmet with the console too.
  7. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion Halo: Reach Armour Permutations and Requirements

    There isn't even a commander rank...
  8. SID v1c1ous

    Tutorial [Quick Tut] How to play Halo Reach on a JTAG

    I get disk dirty error... I tried running from xexmenu, and got the error.. Any tips? i guess i qualify as a noob, i copied the files straight from winzip onto my usb, and they werent in the folders.. lol, im an idiot
  9. SID v1c1ous

    iPhone 4 Color

    I am going to get the white one... that is if they ever release it...
  10. SID v1c1ous

    Unsolved  Help getting rid of super speed?

    Ive been looking thru my dvars trying to take out what is causing my super speed online, its normal speed in my system link game, but when i do a private match it is fast, and really annoying, can someone please take a look and see what I am not seeing? #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util...
  11. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion Infection Only Patch

    Im trying to find the dvar that is making me have super speed after i go online after i am infected. Ive been looking and deleted everything i thought it was and its still fast. When I am in the system link with my jtag it is normal tho, its getting frustrating
  12. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion Download the Map pack online.

    It worked for me, THANKS!!!!!!!!!
  13. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion How much donations????

    My grand total= 4$ for a 4hour lobby...
  14. SID v1c1ous

    Solved Need help wrecking my disc :)

    put it in the microwave for :45 seconds
  15. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion Aim Bot, See-through Wall, and more on Campaign and Spec Ops

    I think he meant Gears of War 2, and not God of War 2 ;-)
  16. SID v1c1ous

    Solved How do I access TBOGT?

    are you sure its finished downloading(it takes FOREVER to download)? are you signed into the same gamertag its downloaded on?
  17. SID v1c1ous

    Solved How do I access TBOGT?

    after downloading it, put in your gta 4 disk, it will say "Would you like to play The Ballad of Gay tony?" then you click yes and you are on your way! (I know because I just downloaded it and played it for the first time an hour ago)
  18. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion How To Get A Jtag For 40$ or Less

    maple grove
  19. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion How To Get A Jtag For 40$ or Less

    haha, I see you are from the twin cities area also lol.
  20. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion PLEASE READ TOPIC.

    your username shouldnt be Modding4FunX, it should be Leeching4FunX, since you dont seem like you could mod your way out of a wet paper bag
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