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  1. Immense

    Lobby Drop Release (Download)

    EVERYONE THAT IS GIVING ME HATE FOR THIS ITS 10 YEEEEEEAAARS OOOOOOOLLDDDDDD MOVE ON! Just decided to drop cause well why not lmfao There ya go GTA IV community Instructions - Simply spawn a freeze gun aka rocket and throw it and boom goes the dynamite RIP GTA IV Its been a good 10 years BTW...
  2. Immense

    Game Mods  [RGH/JTAG] Blackscreen Protection, File Bypass & More

    I am posting this on a friends behalf since for some reason it wont let him post it. His profile is Sockstress otherwise known as Freeze as well. He made this, I can personally vouch 100% cause I have used this plugin for over a year and its great. Post and vouch :smile: This is a plugin that...
  3. Immense

    MW2 RGB Editing Tool

    I decided to make this tool cause of Shoe lol although its not a hard tool to make i thought some people would like it. Pic of the tool as you can see its super simple didn't care to put that much work into it. example of what you can do, btw its ONLY on this page that you can edit it with...
  4. Immense

    OSM BO2 Spoofer xex (REVERSED)

    DWORD WINAPI MainThread(LPVOID) { HANDLE module; VOID address; char* buffer; *(BYTE*)0x90F12204 = 0; if(*(BYTE*)0x90F143A8 != 0) { while(*(BYTE*)0x90F143A8 == 0) { XexGetModuleHandle("xam.xex", &module); XexGetProcedureAddress(module, 0x1CF, &address); DWORD r3 =...
  5. Immense

    Tools  Huge RGH/JTAG Starter Pack.

    I decided to release this because I know that people need tools and don't have a lot of them. So here you go. Enjoy this and bump this topic so others can use this mod pack. :smile: <3 7S.
  6. Immense


    Someone that knows why this is happening on 17349 dashboard cause its irritating and I can't connect to live unless I have this update please someone help me out here. And it isn't a avatar update either ill show u
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