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  1. GrandTheftAutoVI

    Working  Transfer Special T-shirt logos on to sweater

    *I am the founder of this certain method of this method.* NOTE: Not all special t-shirts will work. If they are special tops that are a black or a white t-shirt, then the logo will transfer. But I am sure that other special tops might work and even the old t-shirts from the Independence DLC You...
  2. GrandTheftAutoVI

    Working  Gta online Freeze Time

    I have recently discovered a glitch that allows you to freeze the world time in GTA Online. I am the founder of this glitch. Step 1: Be in a random Online Session and head to Story Mode through the Character Wheel. Step 2: Once you're in Story Mode, load up Director Mode. Step 3: Once you are...
  3. GrandTheftAutoVI

    Patched  Tight Modded Canvas Shoes

    *I am the founder of this glitch for the modded shoes only* Have 1 friend register as a CEO and invite you. Then have the friend set the Style to either Syndicate Leader, Hitman 4 for the black modded canvas shoes or President outfit for the grey canvas shoes and you can do the shower glitch or...
  4. GrandTheftAutoVI

    Solved  Changed MC name for free

    I have no idea how this happened, I had a Bounty on my head and I decided to change my MC name and after I changed it, I noticed that none of my money was taken away. I have never experienced this at all and the new name stuck after swapping sessions etc.
  5. GrandTheftAutoVI

    Patched  Gta online glitchy Charcoal T Shirt

    *If you're the founder please let me know so I can give the credit* Step 1 Have a Sweater Vest from Finance and Felony Step 2 Equip the Vest Step 3 Customize the outfit to your liking. Step 4 Save it. Step 5 Equip any Hazmat Suit. Step 6 Run to the telescope in your Apartment/CEO office...
  6. GrandTheftAutoVI

    Patched  Gta Online Invisible Torso on Hoodie Jacket from Heist

    I have just found a new invisible torso glitch that I'm sure that has never been seen before. Invisible torso on the hoodie jacket from heist. All you need is any hoodie jacket, gas mask suit, high end apartment. Step 1 Apply any hoodie jacket Step 2 Save the outfit Step 3 Equip any gas mask...
  7. GrandTheftAutoVI

    Patched  Gta Online Ripped shirt on Cop Outfit

    I was fooling around on a yacht and I was changing my gloves right before I exit the hot tub on the left side and right when my outfit returned I pressed gloves once and noticed that I had a ripped shirt. I am the founder of this glitch. Sadly I don't have an image. There can't be and glasses...
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