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  1. SID v1c1ous

    Unsolved  Help getting rid of super speed?

    Ive been looking thru my dvars trying to take out what is causing my super speed online, its normal speed in my system link game, but when i do a private match it is fast, and really annoying, can someone please take a look and see what I am not seeing? #include maps\mp\gametypes\_hud_util...
  2. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion  Snes360/Gens360

    Is there any way that these emulators can play 2 player? Is there ANY emulator that has 2 player?
  3. SID v1c1ous

    Solved  Am I screwed?

    I was infecting my retail box with some fin stuff and accidently reset my jtag forgetting it was plugged into ethernet... it was online for literally 5 seconds before i ripped the ethernet cable out, will i be instantly flagged? or how does the banning process work, i hope i didnt get it banned.
  4. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion  Craigslist jtag, sound legit?

    Hey guys, Ive been long wanting to get into the jtag game, and i found this on craigslist Im not an expert, but it sounds legit to me, I just would like a second opinion from a veteran jtag'r thanks in advance for not flaming me *runs...
  5. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion  Should I prestige? yes or no

    I am currently a (legit) 9th prestige and i dont know if i should stay at 9th and go for all camos and attachments etc, or should i go all the way to 10th. The things holding me back: 9th emblem looks cooler, and everyone and their brother is 10th prestige. I dont like listening to kids saying...
  6. SID v1c1ous

    Riot shield boosting

    'Riot shield boosting, we need 3 more, send a message to sid v1c1ous, and get an instant invite if we have room!!
  7. SID v1c1ous

    SnD Riot Shield Boosting

    I need 11 people to boost with, all the other Lobbies that I have been in today have not done anything, so, send me an invite on xbl saying Inv, and I will Instantly invite you, if we have room. my gt is- Sid v1c1ous. If you grab the bomb, please plant it, and do not defuse it, unless we need...
  8. SID v1c1ous

    Discussion  Official Modded Controller Thread

    I searched the forum for a thread and didnt find one, so I decided to start a thread so we can all show off our sweet controllers! This is my first time modding my controller, I plan on putting some Leds in, in the future. The paint is the same exact paint-code color as my car (scion xb, also...
  9. SID v1c1ous

    Riot shield boosting

    Message Ballin1337 for an invite, will invite immediatly!
  10. SID v1c1ous

    Lan party game suggestions?

    Hey everyone, My friend is having a lan party, and we are trying to think of some good games for it, I have the usual Counter strike and also UT 2004. What are some other games that would be fun?
  11. SID v1c1ous

    Solved  All my achievments are gone!!!

    I started up my xbox today.. and I have a 0 gamerscore, it was like 13,000 yesterday, with 0 games played. I havent modded my gamerscore any, but I didn mod in l4d2 to have fun. Any tips what it could be? did microsoft reset me? or would there have been some sort of message. thanks.
  12. SID v1c1ous

    [Boosting] Nuke boost

    Nuke boost Need someone who wants to nuke boost in a team gametype (need ultimate sacrifice) We can take turns getting nukes. message sid v1c1ous with the message: nuke and ill send you a private chat invite
  13. SID v1c1ous

    [Boosting] Chopper gunner emblem

    Chopper gunner emblem I need 1 person to go in cage match, and let me get 3 chopper gunners, so i can complete cg veteran iii before i prestige. ill let you get 20 kills/headshots, i just need 11 to get my cg gt- Sid v1c1ous
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