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  1. teh1337

    Unsolved  Any recommendations for using PSN in China?

    Hey all, I've been trying to use PSN in Shanghai on a PS4 I bought in Hong Kong, but PSN doesn't seem to work properly. Occasionally I am able to login to my account, but whenever I try to load multiplayer on a PSN enabled game the matchmaking servers timeout. Has anyone had success getting...
  2. teh1337

    Discussion  Online FastFile Editor for MW2, WaW and COD4 in Pure Client Side Javascript

    Hey guys, its been quite a while, hasn't it. Anyways, I have written what will most likely be my last modding related release--a browser based FastFile editor (online, client side ffViewer-style web app). I'll post some screenshots below, as well as a link to the site. Link:
  3. teh1337

    Web  [Video] x86 Compiler written in javascript

    During my time at Xiamen University, I threw together this this little x86 assembler. It runs in your web browser and produces windows pe files (.exe binaries). Video:
  4. teh1337

    XG4 Iso Extraction Information

    Does anyone know of any public information regarding the XG4 Iso Format? C4eva seems to have extracted Ghosts, and I think it would be helpful to further reverse engineering if we had access to the executables themselves. If someone posts this info, I would be happy to publish an IDA loader...
  5. teh1337

    Web  C Compiler written in Javascript - Produces PEs for Windows (exes)

    So, I have been gone for a while, been takin this who programming thing more seriously- and ended up writing a C Compiler + x86 Assembler in C++. A few days ago I figured, what the f***, I'll port this to javascript, and I did: Note: This doesn't support many of the...
  6. teh1337

    Video  [iOS-Preview] Minecraft PE Snowball Machine Gun

  7. teh1337

    Discussion  [Release] Minecraft PE Mod Menu

    Carbon PE for 0.7.1 LINK FINALLY UP: Alertnate Links (Please don't use unless mega doesn't work, I have limited bandwidth: (the tar link is for those who are unable to unzip?) =) Instructions...
  8. teh1337

    Video  Minecraft Pocket Edition Hacked Client!

    Haven't been on in a while, but I figured I would post what iv'e been working on as of late: Mod Menu: Other Misc Mods: MW2的和Minecraft的一样看,对不对? ;P
  9. teh1337

    Solved  Javascript Wav File Concatenation and Structure Editing

    This is a small library that I wrote to manage and append wav files in your browser, in this simple example, I take a beep.wav and generate a wav file that plays the beep three times. This example uses hex byte strings, which are very inefficient compared to blobs, but it was easier to debug...
  10. teh1337

    Cobalt Script Syntax - Cod Integration? - I want your input!

    Cobalt Script Community Input Hey guys, I'm putting on the finishing touches to cobalt script now. The AngelScript development team has been a huge help through this entire project, and I would like to thank them for their highly portable lexicography and useful code tidbits that I am using...
  11. teh1337


    OFFICIAL RELEASE OF GSC MATH FUNCTIONS - Will auto label your idb when you run this idc script. Save this as teh1337o_0.idc #include <idc.idc> #include <x360_imports.idc> static CkScr_LabelFunc(Prefix, Name, Address) { auto EndAddress; MakeFunction(Address,BADADDR)...
  12. teh1337

    My TU8 Fort - Carbon Engine Preview

    Hey guys, I was working on entity spawning backend for my Carbon Engine which will be released to the public. This fort was made my spawning script models and cloning them to a brushmodel (which has a a collmap). Btw you may have noticed my gamertag is modded to CobaltEngine, allow me to...
  13. teh1337

    BO2 HudElems Done Right - Complete Struct

    Here is the actual struct for BO2 Hud Elems: typedef struct HudElem { float x; float y; float z; float fontScale; float fromFontScale; long fontScaleStartTime; char color[4]; char fromColor[4]; long fadeStartTime; long scaleStartTime; float fromX; float fromY; long moveStartTime; long time...
  14. teh1337

    Discussion  Online Xbox360 Power PC Assembler.

    Release coming soon - need to get the rest of the xex structure research done, then I will be releasing it in a fully working state which will provide the ability to download your program as an xex. None of this is server side, I am doing this all in 100% javascript.
  15. teh1337

    HUD Elements for All Clients

    Hey guys, I decided to release hud elements, as I found out some of you are getting them figured out. Step 1: Add this to your code: public class gameAddresses { public static uint serverCommand = 0x82254940, entityBase = 0x82F03600...
  16. teh1337

    cfAPI v0.3 for Mega - 1st File API!

    Live Demo:
  17. teh1337

    Project OJ - Object Oriented Javascript with support for Classes and Much More!

    What is Project OJ? Project OJ (or OJ) is an object oriented scripting language that compiles directly to standard ECMAScript (Javascript) with support for classes, threading, interfaces, instance variables, cross browser getters and setters + more! For more information please visit...
  18. teh1337

    Discussion  JTAGRPC v1 - Works on Any Game! - Fixed Connect Error - Plugin/Sysdll

    Welcome to the first official release of JTAGRPC. Marc E. Mayer approved! - greetz to exertion This one works, and the infamous Connect function error is fixed. This is a sysdll, so on JTAG, load as a plugin with DashLaunch. On devkit, copy devkit folder to devkit and click on...
  19. teh1337

    Discussion  JTAG Stuff

    JTAGRPC v0.1 Features: Remote Procedure Calls Easy to use UI Compatible on RGH/JTAG/Devkit Auto String Marshalling Coming Soon: Lib DLL (So you can use it in your own c# applications) Return Value of Function (Will most likely always be uint like XDRPC) byte[] Marshalling +Much Much More...
  20. teh1337

    Discussion  [Preview] CoD4 SVGXplorer - Allows you to Read/Write GSCs from SVG

    CoD4 SVGXplorer - Allows you to Read/Write GSCs from SVG Notes: This will be released when completed! - FOR FREE =) Rewind Call of Duty Modding Style.... Auuhhhhhh ;P <3 teh1337 <3
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