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  1. Doodle210

    Artscow freebies!

    Coupon code - EARLYXMAS Link - EDIT - I just noticed, no free shipping, I guess no choice but to order it all at once?
  2. Doodle210

    Unsolved  RGH, no OS/Dashboard installed, tried to use a backup and I got RR. What do I need to buy?

    So about a year ago, I lent my RGH Jasper to my uncle. He gave it back to me saying it got f*** up and when I turned it on it did this >Xbox Logo >Stuck for a few mins (original boot time was almost instant >Black screen Now, at first I thought it was ****ed, but then I found that if I pressed...
  3. Doodle210

    Dreadnought Beta Sigup If you've never hear of it, it's going to be a F2P game and it's fun as hell. I played the alpha at Pax South.
  4. Doodle210

    JPN Official Themes

    Hey guys, I recently came across official JPN themes you can install with homebrew. I won't post a link to NA or EU since that's the majority of the user base here, and you can just buy those themes. Most JPN themes have not, and will probably never be released on NA or EU theme shops...
  5. Doodle210

    Free $5 Amazon Gift Card when you sign into the mobile app for the first time Terms and Conditions Only individuals receiving this exclusive offer directly from Amazon are eligible. Limit one gift card per eligible account. This gift card offer applies to first time...
  6. Doodle210

    Discussion  (PSVita) Ape Escape is still available. Allows you to install eCFW on the latest firmware!!/en-us/games/ape-escape-on-the-loose/cid=UP9000-UCUS98609_00-APEESCAPEOTLUMDL?smcid=pdc:us-en:pdc-games-detail-ape-escape-on-the-loose-psp:leadproductinfo-buy-download:ape-escape-on-the-loose:up9000-ucus98609_00-apeescapeotlumdl Probably the longest time Sony has...
  7. Doodle210

    Unsolved  Disk drive won't open or close

    The drive itself works, it reads, but it's not making any attempt to open or close. No noise when I press the eject button or open/close when on the dashboard. I messed up a hotswap right now, and since then it doesn't want to open. Anyway I can fix this?
  8. Doodle210

    Unsolved  Hot-Swapping Question

    I've never hot swapped on 360, I've only done it on PS2. My question is, can I hot-swap on my Halo 4 console? I remember seeing a post before that said certain newer drives won't hot-swap. I have a friend who wants me to get L4D2 mods, so I really want to make sure I can do it before I open my...
  9. Doodle210

    Solved  Electric Duster vs Canned Air

    So I'm thinking of buying this - Anyone else use this or something like this? I really don't want to buy canned air since it can lose power after a few minutes of use, also, most of them are sold out on Amazon. I'm...
  10. Doodle210

    Tutorial  How to install 3DS Ninjhax

    The prices for this game are very unreasonable, especially in the Japanese and Euro regions. The sooner you get it, the cheaper it will be. (If it isn't clear by the banner, you need to buy the game "Cubic Ninja".) First thing's first, download links - MediaFire Virus scan First...
  11. Doodle210

    Solved  Can anyone confirm if Soul Wax FM was cut from the new gen release?_?

    Title, I've seen a few people say it wasn't in the PS4 release.
  12. Doodle210

    OR/AS  Eon ticket is live (sorta)

    Straight from Reddit, code cannot be redeemed until 11/26, but they are in circulation. Heeeey! I just realized, it has my first name! :D
  13. Doodle210

    PS CC 2014 importing takes a long time

    So when I try to make a gif from a video file, I open PS CC. I then procede to click "Import video frames to layers." Thing is, it takes minutes before the file browser will open and I can select a file, then continues to take even more time for the time frame menu to come up and even longer to...
  14. Doodle210

    Trading ORAS demo for Diancie CODE!

    I have an extra ORAS demo code, I haven't been able to go to GS and get a Diancie code. I want a code so I can SR for good stats.
  15. Doodle210

    Solved  Audio issues in campaign on the digital edition

    Does anyone else have audio getting cut whenever you fire certain weapons? It only happens in campaign. I want to play it so bad, but the audio gets to me.
  16. Doodle210

    OR/AS  Get the US beta now! Quick, limited quantity! nycfinest718 Red HcB_Modding Jedi RaidersFan Got from here
  17. Doodle210

    I lost my Y...

    Over 200 hours played on it, had Pokemon from 2003. My first shiny, a Magby which is now a Magmortar, that I got from the Day Care Couple in Crystal as the first egg given in the game. Tons of legit event Pokemon, some from my cousin who went to the NY event a while back... I had all my strong...
  18. Doodle210

    Ever wanted a PokeGame with all the regions?_?

    Junichi Masuda answered some questions from Twitter Saucy fingers crossed :x3:
  19. Doodle210

    Discussion  You can buy the GTX 970 & 980 now! (Amazon glitch)

    Go here for the 970 and here for the 980, add it to your cart and complete the process.
  20. Doodle210

    Madden NFL 25 $12.99 Weekly sale, shipping seems to be free. I won't be getting it, but thought someone might.
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