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  1. Kosty

    Someone play GTA IV with me

    I am looking for someone to play GTA with. I have the original, TBoGT and TLAD Gamertag: xXKosty12Xx
  2. Kosty

    Patched  I NEED HELP!

    Can someone help me with getting a MW3 patch or something were i can do a recovery service with??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!
  3. Kosty

    Solved  Can Someone Help Me?

    Can someone help me with my JTAG. I need some patches with MW3 so i can host modded lobbies and do some recoveries. If you can help me that would be great! PLEASE HELP! Thank you.
  4. Kosty

    Game Mods  Kosty's and ToxicMoDz EFLC Role-Playing Clan

    Welcome to our Clan. This is going to be strictly for TBOGT. Basically we are going to act like we are doing real life things in GTA. It will be really fun, so join! Requirements Need a Mic Have to be mature Need TBOGT No Super Speed Mods No horseplay Have to follow rules and be as realistic as...
  5. Kosty

    Discussion  I'm still here....

    I know that I have not been active lately but I am just letting everyone know that I am still here. I had a lot of work to do but it is finished now so I am back and will be more active. Also I am selling my Xbox so I cannot help you on there. It will have to be AIM or Skype The All Released...
  6. Kosty

    Solved  Update Error

    When I try to update my flashed xbox it says Update failed. Status Code: 335A-351F-1380-0700-C000-000E Does anyone know what this could be? It is on the original firmware I flashed it back to it
  7. Kosty

    Discussion  Who wants to play?

    I am bored and there is no one on right now. If you want to play my gamertag is iKosty x
  8. Kosty

    Discussion  nj_liberty.xpl

    Can someone give me a clean nj_liberty.xpl for the PC? It is the original GTA IV.
  9. Kosty

    Gamesaves  All GTA IV Gamesaves

    I have had this in my All Released Mods for GTA Thread. I've just decided to post it here because not everyone goes in the GTA section. This gamesave has God Mode and Everything Maxed out.
  10. Kosty

    IPB Error

    I can go on my site but when i click on a topic or post it comes up and says 404 error. What could make it be doing that?
  11. Kosty

    Discussion  Se7ensins GTA IV AIM Group

    I have decided to make an AIM Blast group for all of the gta iv modders here. I made it so we can talk and discuss things. If you would like to join post your AIM Username below. If you spam you will get kicked.
  12. Kosty

    GTA IV Modification Tutorial PDF

    This is the Tutorial that is pinned in this section but I made it a PDF so you all could download it and save it. This is very helpful
  13. Kosty

    All Ported Mods and Tutorials

    I know there is another post by Miss Fluffy but this has more. This is all of the Ported Mods and Tutorials for GTA IV. Salvatore Leone Imported Map Mods Salvatore Leone V2 Imported Mods LOKI's Imported Mods APC Texture Mod GTA IV Modification Tutorial Taxi Advertisements How...
  14. Kosty

    Game Mods  [RELEASE] My Custom Annihilator Decals

    These are some custom Annihilator Decals I made for us here at Se7ensins. To Replace: 1. Go to Xbox Backup Creator 2. Open your ISO 3. Click on the little + beside xbox 360 4. Click the + beside Models 5. Click on Vehicles.img 6. Open the vehicles.img with Spark IV(Only will work online with...
  15. Kosty

    Game Mods  [RELEASE]No Intro Logos + Faster Savegame Loading

    This really isn't a release, but this is for the Original GTA IV. It takes away the loading logos at the beginning on the game. It also gives you faster gamesave loading times. Credits VanZarko (GTA Gaming) Me - Transferring to the Xbox 360
  16. Kosty

    Discussion  Battlefield 3 Has a Problem - Admits DICE's General Manager

    Karl Magnus Troedsson, DICE's General Manager, in a interview, has admitted that bringing back the prone mechanic raises the issue of snipers laying down in the grass and what that entails. Source Hopefully they put prone in the game. I know snipers would like that.
  17. Kosty

    Discussion  All Released Mods for WaW

    This not all of them. Just post below what needs to be added. This will become better than it is. CoOlBunnYMoDz and iHax_XeX V4.02 TTGXMODSX Mod Pack V4.0 RELEASE CoOlBunnYMoDz V3.5 Ibettreyy's v1.5.3 Forge ANDREW74 v3.0 Andrew74 series Master Dover's 10/11th...
  18. Kosty

    Modding Team

    I am starting a Modding Team for GTA IV called Team XMA. You will need to know how to use Open IV and know how to edit the files within the Common and DLC. Fill out the Application below and email it to [email protected]: Website is I will upgrade the site along with...
  19. Kosty

    Solved  Jungle Flasher Freezing?

    I currently have LT 1.2 on my BenQ Drive not LT + 1.1. WHen i go in Jungleflasher and click on BenQ Unlock it freezes. Sometimes it gets passed that but freezes when I click on open. Does anyone have a solution? I am using the SATA Ports that came on my computer.
  20. Kosty

    TLAD Offline Modifications 1.0

    Grand Theft Modification Download
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