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  1. Big_Ddog

    Game Mods  Batch Files Maxed Stats and Perks.

    Hey, I made a maxed skills and perks bat for me and a few buddies, Figured I'd share. I used "setav" instead of "modav" because I like everything to be at 10, just ocd for me :P. I included ammo and supplies which can be found on the wiki page. Just copy the selected text, and make a new text...
  2. Big_Ddog

    VOG Normal or hard

    I have a level 28 titan fully upgraded. and a level 27 warlock It would be nice to actually finish a full VOG, or this weeks nightfall mission. I have yet to do so. PSN: Scream4Mercyplz --- put se7ensins in the notes or something so I know its from here.
  3. Big_Ddog

    Need more Friends to play with

    Hey, I need some more people to play destiny with, Doing the queens wraith missions and the rest solo only can get you so far lol. If anyone wants to play some rounds hit me up: pm for GT, or post yours.
  4. Big_Ddog

    Solved  RGH Trinity Won't stay off, Constant boot loop.

    Hey guys, I usually don't post threads as I work most of my problems out with massive google searches and hours upon hours of reading. But I'm a little stumped and lazy right now. SO I need some help. Preferably from someone who installs chips/works on consoles. Not someone who just bought their...
  5. Big_Ddog

    Solved  Computer Build Help.

    Hey guys, This is my first time building a PC. Read a bunch of guides, went over everything, But this is not my element, I was hoping I could get some help with the parts. 1. Max I would like to spend would be $1200- Ideal budget would be $800 2. Uses- Gaming and downloading my tv...
  6. Big_Ddog

    Unsolved  External HDD setup

    Hey guys, I've been around here for a bit. Mostly on the 360 side of things so I'm new to the Ps3 side. I just have a quick question I was hoping someone can help me out with. I have a 500 GB external segate hdd. That runs perfect with my ps3. All games are extracted into a GAMES/*******...
  7. Big_Ddog

    Discussion  Titanfall Beta Code X2 Giveaway!

    I Have 1 Titan fall Beta codes here. I was given a random code earlier today from a generous guy, and I have no problem giving back as I just received 2 codes from the emails I used to sign up. But I Figure I'll make you work for it since there are quite a few people wanting a code. 1) First...
  8. Big_Ddog

    Solved  Help Loading Games with RGLoader

    Hey guys, I just revived a old Xenon with hopes of putting RGLoader on it, I usually just build Rgh/jtags now I would like to starting another world of modding. I'd like to start making trainers and what ever else could be fun. Now I was able to revive the ol gal, Got her running as best I can...
  9. Big_Ddog

    Tutorial  How to Open Nat on Ps4

    Hey, I see that nothing has been posted here yet. So I figured I'd throw a quick tut on how to get a open nat type for those that don't have it already on their Ps4. Alright first things first lets turn on the ps4 and navigate over to the [settings | network | view connection status] - and...
  10. Big_Ddog

    Solved  Buying 15 Xbox Dvd drives, Need A little Help.

    Hey I'm buying 15 xbox dvd drives and I want to verify they all work from the guy. but he ripped them all out of the consoles long ago. If I hook them up with the usual x360usbpro and Ck3i. would I be able to use a audio cd to test the laser? if not what would be a alternative route to test the...
  11. Big_Ddog

    Solved  CR3 Pro Glitch Help! Xbox Slim Trinity

    Okay some basics I was able to read my nand 4 times, all had a the same bad block. jrunner delt with that all good. I was able to write a ecc file to my slime, and boot into xell ONCE! I got the cpu key and made a new rgh2 nand on 16203 dash. Popped that sucker in there and I can't get...
  12. Big_Ddog

    The Walking Dead XBLA.. DLC Problem

    Hey All: I Have a problem and I was hoping some of you would be able to offer some suggestions. I have my jtag here and I have no problems running any DLC for the games I have on it EXCEPT 1 I am playing The Walking Dead Episode 1 XBLA game. And I have 2-5 as well. For some reason it keeps...
  13. Big_Ddog

    Solved  DLC transfer Help...

    I've been looking around the net, and I'm just not searching in the right place.Or just need some clarification. I see some dlc that I want on my jtag but no one has it yet.... Now is this as simple as: Downloading said dlc on my retail xbox. Transferring dlc content to flashdrive...
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