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    I'm looking for Silver's to fill in spots from time to time. If interested, feel free to add my steam.
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    Discussion  Double XP Weekend Confirmed

    Treyarch has just tweeted out that double xp will go live tommorow, confirming the runours. PS: screenshot being added in 20 minutes.
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    Discussion  How did everyones CK and LD grind go?

    Since the x2 Cryptokey and Liquid Divinium Weekend ends in a few hours, just wondering how everyones Black Market and Doctor Montys luck was. I gained about 210 Cryptokeys and the best thing i got was a transgression camo for the KRM. Hopefully you all had better luck than me.
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    Discussion  Double Cryptokey and Liquid Divinium Weekend Announced

    Treyarch has tweeted out that Doubke Cryptoke/Liquid Divinium will go live this weekend. What will you grind?
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    OR/AS  The Free Jirachi Mystery Gift Is Live

    Jirachi is now available from the Mystery Gift section for the month of April on OR/AS as well as X/Y. Don't forget to pick it up!
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    Discussion  Double Xp & Double Weapon Xp Announced

    Treyarch has tweeted out that there will be a Double XP and Double Weapon XP weekend beginning on Friday. I thought it might be an April fools prank but, the second DLC pack is set to release shortly after. This is similar to what the did before the last DLC release.
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    Discussion  Favourite Weapon

    This is the game that got me into Call of Duty and it's my favourite Call of Duty to date. What was your favourite weapon back in the games prime. I'd have to go with the PTRS or MP40.
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    PC  How is Far Cry Primal?

    I'm curious on how the PC version is. Can anyone vouch?
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    Discussion  How is the PC version?

    Just wondering if the PC version is good, or just another ****** port. Also, is the game itself actually worth the purchase? Thanks!
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    Other  Pokemon Fan Made/Rom Hack/RPG Games

    Welcome to the Pokemon Rom Hack & Fan Game thread. I started this thread so that Pokemon fans can share their favorite rom hack or fan game and give these games the recognition they deserve. If you know of a rom hack or fan game that isn't on the list and you think it deserve a spot here, feel...
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    Mobile  Official Clash Royale Recruitment [✔️]

    Welcome to the Official Clash Royale Recruitment Thread. Are you in need of a clan or does your clan need more clanmates? If so, you have come to the right place! Don't forget to follow the format when posting. Format: Clan Name: Clan Tag: Leader: Required Trophies: Other Requirements: Happy...
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    Discussion  Double XP Weekend Announced

    Hey Sinners, Treyarch has announced a Double XP weekend for Multiplayer and Zombies that starts tommorow at 10am PST and will last the weekend. What are your plans for this weekend? Will you be grinding Multiplayer or Zombies? I'll hopefully be finishing off my last three Multiplayer prestiges...
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    Discussion  is Titanfall dead on PC?

    Still worth buying or?
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    PC  Rise of the Tomb Raider

    What are your guys thoughts on the PC version? Is the port good?
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    Discussion  How Popular is GTA V Online on PC?

    Hey Se7ensins, I've recently seen the light and switched to PC. I played GTA V on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One and want to know if its worth picking up for PC? Do enough people play it online to enjoy the game? Thanks!
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    Add me on Steam!

    If anyone ever wants to play BO3, CS:GO, H1Z1, Rocket League, etc. then feel free to add my steam.
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    Discussion  Server Activity

    Hey Se7ensinners, I was thinking about getting BF4 but I'm wondering how active the game is. Is it worth it to buy or is Hardline a better option? Any help is appreciated! Thanks.
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    Official PC Black Ops III "Match" Thread

    Hey Se7ensinners! I don't see many Black Ops III "Match" threads for the PC version so, i've created this thread. Any Black Ops III PC players are welcome to leave their steam names below for other PC players to add them and such. The PC Call of Duty Community isn't as big as it is on console...
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    Solved  [PC] Season Pass

    Hey everyone, I have been looking into getting the seasons pass but don't want to pay the full price on steam. I have looked on Kinguin and G2A but haven't found a good deal (in CAD) and was wondering if any of you guys know of any deals on another trusted third party site. Let me know. Thanks
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    Solved  [PC] Can't connect to friends

    I purchased BO3 recently for PC and i can't connect to my friend. They have a moderate NAT Type and mine switches from Strict to Moderate randomly. I heard you have to open your NAT Type but, why and how? Any input is appreciated.
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