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    Other Old Gens or New Gens?

    I prefer Gen 1-4, however I still play all the new games when they come out. Nothing against the new games, they just don't feel the same as the old ones.
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    Sun/Moon Sun or Moon

    I originally bought Sun but, have picked up Moon as of recently. I have yet to finish either one, I stopped about mid way though both. I just haven't found Sun & Moon as enjoyable as past games. I imagine I'll finish them eventually though.
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    Other Pokemon Fan Made/Rom Hack/RPG Games

    UPDATE: Hey guys! This thread has remained rather abandoned the last year or so. This is mostly due to the lack of additions from myself as I have been pretty inactive on Se7ensins. I am back and so I have gone ahead and revamped the thread, fixing a few broken links, rewriting the body and...
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    Discussion Worst Game Ever

    I thought the game was alright. The PC version was just awful so I didn't play it much after the first month of launch.
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    Discussion Future of WW2

    The game was a bit of a disappointment for me. The servers at launch were and still are utter garbage a vast majority of the time, the new division system is too simple and boring and a lack of customization (I would have preferred a pick 10 system like in BO2), all of the maps are either bad or...
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    How many PC games do you own?

    I tend to buy all my games on steam as it's my preferred platform but, I do own a few games on origin. I own about 155 games on steam (20% of them have been played) and 5 games on origin (battlefields and titanfalls).
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    Discussion Is this game dead on PC?

    Where is your source for this? Call of Duty 2 was HUGE on PC. Also, COD isn't "that game that you play on console because it feels right". That's like saying Basketball has always been that sport you play inside. Besides, i would rather use the mouse (which is more precise) than ******...
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    Discussion Is this game dead on PC?

    Right.. Except Call of Duty started out on PC before it even touched
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    Other Pokemon Fan Made/Rom Hack/RPG Games

    Thanks. Ill re add prism.
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    Other Pokemon Fan Made/Rom Hack/RPG Games

    UPDATE: Removed Pokemon Prism as the download no longer works.
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    Discussion Snipers, what sniper do you guys roll with?

    I just use the SMLE on the Scout class so far.
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    Solved How much could I sell one for?

    Like $40 w/ controller & cables.
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    Video Tiny gun

    Takes like 3 or 4 shots to the head to kill i believe.
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    Video My best sniper kills on Battlefield 1 per week!

    Same! The sniping just feels on point.
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    Working PokeMMO bot?

    Didn't PokeMMO die as a whole since Pokemon Revolution was released?
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    Discussion Need 1 more for que

    Feel free to add me for the future. I'm currently an SEM as I stopped playing as much and lost my rank (former MGE).
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    Unsolved Black Ops 3 Question About connection

    It is probably your internet based off what you said your download and upload speeds are. BO3 servers are **** though so who knows.
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    Discussion Highest killstreak?

    30 pilot kills i think.
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    Video Cod 4 Remaster Sniping Class (Share yours please !!)

    M40A3 <3
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