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    1. iOS
    Removing 9.2 Jailbreak

    How am I supposed to remove Cydia? There is no profile in settings to remove that nor am I able to update because when I go to software update it just infinitely loads. I need to fix this pretty quickly so.
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    1. iOS
    Jailbreak Issue

    Upon installing Winterboard, after my phone rebooted Cydia will not open nor will anything else related to the jailbreak. Is there any way to fix this?
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    Discussion  Show off your Pokemon Go Pokedex

    Show off your Pokedex's here!
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    News  Pokemon Go Server Attack Claimed By PoodleCorp The claim is yet to be verified but what are your thoughts on this?
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    Discussion  Why did AW die out so much faster than every other CoD?

    This game become non existent after Bo3 came out, why is this game so much different compared to active previous CoDs.
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    Discussion  New Hunter Gear!

    I personally think this stuff looks pretty sweet, what kind of gear do you guys want to see from Rise of Irons? Source
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    Discussion  Value

    How much would be a typical value for a PS Vita? I have one laying around and I'd be willing to sell if I can make a decent amount of money from it.
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    Most Used Apps?

    What are your most used application(s) on your phone?
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    Discussion  Battlefield Hardline DLC Free

    Battlefield Hardlines DLC Betrayal is free during the Xbox Gold sale!
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    Discussion  Trials of Osiris

    Trials of Osiris is currently disabled due to a bug not letting players join games.
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    Discussion  New Social Space

    Thoughts on what the new social space could be or where it's located?
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    Discussion  Killstreaks

    What are the best killstreak setups that you guys use when going for lots of kills? Personally I usually use UAV, RAPS, and GI Unit.
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    Discussion  Old Weapons

    If BO3 was willing to bring back a single weapon from every previous Treyarch made game, what weapons would you look forward to having?
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    Discussion  Zombie Character Specialist

    If you could bring any zombies character from any of the zombies maps who would it be and what would there special ability be? This would include people from call of the dead as well as Mistys crew from black ops 2. Personally I would think it would be pretty cool to roam around as George Romero...
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    Rainbow Six Siege

    The connectivity issues need to be fixed within this game. Every time I attempt to play I sit in a lobby looking for 2 players or so. Or I lag out, is everybody else experiencing these issues or just me?
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    looking for people to play SnD, this will be active as long as necessary
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    PC  Stocks Payday 2 Modded Lobbies -Free-

    ♥ Made By Comit ♥
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    Solved  AE4

    Can anybody tell me wether buying the season pass now is worth the money to get the AE4 or should I wait until the Havoc map pack releases, thoughts on the weapon.
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    Discussion  How will Advanced Warfare Set The Stage for the Cod's To Come

    Since Advanced Warfare took Call of Duty to a new level especially with the exo suits, how will this affect the Call of Dutys to come?
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    Discussion  Best Perk and Scorestreaks

    I haven't really found a good perk/Scorestreaks setup. What do you guys think are good setups?
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