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    Discussion Best loot spots

    Tilted Towers and Salty Springs will net you a ton of loot but you have to make it through the teams that land there.
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    Discussion Gonna be honest....

    Fortnite is killing PUBG, the player count for pubg has dropped significantly because they don’t update their game. Fortnite released weekly updates with new content and PUBG has released a single bug fix in the past couple of months. Fortnite is a game where you have to build to win...
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    Discussion Battle Royale vs Save The World

    Battle Royale is a much more competitive and fast paced game whereas StW is a more slower and less competitive mode.
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    Discussion Why did AW die out so much faster than every other CoD?

    Those games were definitely out when this was made.
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    Discussion What's your favourite map of all time?

    Creek from CoD 4.
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    Discussion Why does the Destiny 2 PVP feel stale?

    Destiny 2 PvP is a lot different than D1. D1 is a lot faster paced and uses more than just guns, your abilities and super are just as important as your ability to use a primary and special weapon. D2 switches it up and makes it where your abilities are no longer a necessity. Power ammo is only...
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    ✔️Cool's Xp & Camo + Fun lobbies★

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    Trials of Orisis never gone flawless

    pm me your gt
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    Solved Just got updated

    Farm strikes to get higher blues and buy three of coins from Xur to get exotic engrams while you farm. Just play the game and progressively you'll get higher. 281 is a rough spot to be right now.Do the Kings Fall raid too when you get a little higher.
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    Discussion Trials of Osiris Carries

    Lol you can do recoveries, I do them quite a bit. You play on their account and go flawless.
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    Discussion Trials of Osiris Carries

    Majority of people do account recoveries now instead of carrying so the pool of people who still do has lessened. If anyone needs help pm so we can talk, any help I provide is free of charge.
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    Discussion Favorite Cod Zombie Map ?

    Honestly, Tranzit.
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    Solved Removing 9.2 Jailbreak

    This worked, thank you.
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    Solved Removing 9.2 Jailbreak

    It won't let me update through iTunes, it says no update can be found.
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    1. iOS
    Removing 9.2 Jailbreak

    How am I supposed to remove Cydia? There is no profile in settings to remove that nor am I able to update because when I go to software update it just infinitely loads. I need to fix this pretty quickly so.
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    Solved Why can't I sign into google?

    Pokemon Go will not open without a dedicated tweak if your device is jail broken.
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    Should I jail break?

    If your doing it for a theme alone then you'll probably realize there are plenty of cool features you'll want to end up using, completely disregarding your original reason. Jailbreaking is definitely something I'd recommend if your looking to do some serious customization.
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    PC Stocks Payday 2 Modded Lobbies -Free-

    Post Steam IDs for invite later today, updating menus/game.
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    Tweak Tweak Compatibility Table for iOS 9.2 - 9.3.3 Jailbreak

    If someone told me I could have updated it :).
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    Unsolved Jailbreak Issue

    I guess I'll have to, I was just looking for an alternative. Winterboard is supported correct?
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