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  1. Hovi


    With this could you unlock BO guns for Warzone if you don't have BO? If so, what sorta deal could you cut up for me? ;)
  2. Hovi

    PS4 USA Anthem Legion of Dawn Edition - $4.99 New at Gamestop

    I've just got to say, I appreciate that after all these years you continue to contribute to this small part of the site.
  3. Hovi


    Need to get in on this wizzard stuff, ja feel?
  4. Hovi

    Discussion Your PUBG strategy to winning?

    I usually let Aaron do all the hard lifting. Haven't won yet so it seems to be working pretty well for me.
  5. Hovi

    Discussion CoD Ghosts Spectrum Camo Shop (5 codes left!) [XB1/360]

    Sounds like an awesome email to get.
  6. Hovi

    Discussion CoD Ghosts Spectrum Camo Shop (5 codes left!) [XB1/360]

    Neither can I. I still get 5 or so PM's a month asking about them.
  7. Hovi

    Discussion CoD Ghosts Spectrum Camo Shop (5 codes left!) [XB1/360]

    So I still get PM's on these stupid codes even though this game is ancient. I've got 5 codes left (3 Xbox 360 and 2 XB1) and I confirmed that these can still be redeemed. If you are interested in purchasing one, PM me and it is yours.
  8. Hovi

    Solved New to the site, CoD4 Help Required :-/

    Welcome to Se7enSins friendo. I reckon you'll find more help on your issue in this section: http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/forums/call-of-duty-4-support.538/ Also, you've got a pretty great friend to recommend you to come here :thumbsup:
  9. Hovi

    Rocket League Free halloween stuff!!!!

    "Available to all players on Playstation 4."
  10. Hovi

    Rocket League

    Dudeeeee lets play @BannedAdzee Victory Aaron
  11. Hovi

    Rocket League Boosting

    How does this boosting work?
  12. Hovi

    Rocket League DLC in October

    Just take my money now.
  13. Hovi

    Rocket League Top 10 Plays. Submit your clips here.

    I haven't even looked at the game saved ones, what are they stored as?
  14. Hovi

    Rocket League

    AzzidReign is pretty ****** so I can't in good faith recommend anyone play with him.
  15. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Brings Back "Mad World"

    Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Brings Back "Mad World"

    Microsoft has just released the official launch trailer for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and for those of you that remember the first official trailer for Gears of War it should strike you as familiar. The song "Mad World" first appeared in the trailer for the first iteration in the Gears...
  16. Hovi

    Just picked up the Star Wars Collection, what order should i play them ?

    Empire at War is one of those games that never gets old. There are some great mods out there for it, so if you are into RTS then I recommend you you check that out.
  17. Hovi

    Star Wars Empire At War Multiplayer

    Pretty sure that it used gamespy servers so it no longer works...could be wrong though. There may be some alternative methods to play but I haven't really looked into them.
  18. Hovi

    All **Official Star Wars Battlefront Reveal Trailer**

    Cool trailer but was really disappointed with the reveal. They hyped it up to be great and it was quite the let down. Plus, I really don't like some of the details I'm getting about the game.
  19. Hovi

    Solved Connect Error

    Yea doesn't seem to be a whole lotta help there unfortunately.
  20. Hovi

    Solved Connect Error

    Non-steam retail key. It's been activated on social club and added to my account but this is all I get on the launcher.
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