By purchasing Premium, you will get all the cool features below and it will help us bring more unique features to you, the community.
    • 100% removal of banner advertisements.
    • Exclusive Premium banner, distinguishing your posts from other members on the site.
    • Ability to lock and unlock your own threads at your own discretion, without the need of a moderator.
    • Full access to exclusive sections, just for Premium members.
    • Exclude up to 30 games in your Gamer Preferences compared to 5 games.
    • Mention up to 15 people in posts and other bits of content.
    • Add up to 15 recipients to conversations.
    • Significantly larger conversation inbox size.
    • Set your own custom user title that will be displayed under your username.
    • Increased avatar quality and size limit.
    • Use of animated avatars and signatures across the forums.
    • Be the first to know when extra features are implemented. When major features are coming, we like to ask Premium members to test them out or to offer input.
    • A warm, fuzzy feeling knowing you're helping to bring new features to the community as well as keeping this wealth of free information alive. Gaming sites are notorious for dying out (i.e. Xbox-Scene, RIP). Join our Premium family to keep us all together!
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