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Se7enSins Premium Terms of Service

By pressing the agree button below, you acknowledge and agree upon by purchasing premium:
  • 1. That you are NOT receiving a physical ITEM, but your account on is being upgraded to Premium status. To see all the benefits, click here (link coming soon).

  • 2. That the purchase is non-refundable.

  • 3. To not put in a chargeback for any reason. Possible ways for you to have your premium membership "removed" is by not following our rules and becoming banned (which places you in the Banned usergroup changing your account from Premium). If you follow the forum rules, you will be able to keep your premium membership for the duration purchased.

  • 4. To not post the information in our Premium section anywhere else. Such acts are grounds for ban + no refund.

  • 5. That it is our duty to ban you or other premium members for breaking our rules. Such bans mean you will lose access to your premium account and possibly access to the site.

  • This Premium Terms of Service may be modified at any time without notice. It is your responsibility to check this page for updates or changes.
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