About Our Ads

A brief description as to the type of ads we serve and why we need to serve them.

Our Ads

In short (tl;dr), disabling your adblocker:

  • Helps us bring new and better features to you.
  • Allows us to provide the community with cool prizes to earn in our giveaways, contests, and tournaments.
  • It keeps all our free information alive and kickin'. If you've been around gaming forums, you know that a great many of them have died over the years, mostly due to funding. We cannot allow this treasure trove of knowledge that our incredible community has built waste away.
  • No pop-ups, pop-unders, auto play video ads, or malware!
  • Helps buy my 2 little kids sum chikin tendies and ketchup. Maybe some Mac 'n Cheese. They will be grateful to not be eating dog food anymore if you unblock our ads. (jk, don't call CPS plz!)

The Long

The ads we serve on the site do not contain pop-ups, pop-unders, annoying auto play audio/video ads, or malware. If, somehow, you get one of these undesirable ads, please take a screen shot, get the URL if you can, and create a new ticket with this information so we can report the advertiser, get them kicked out of the network, and we will place a ban on that site. Our implementation of the ads shouldn't be considered intrusive like so many websites out there do! We like to focus on giving the community a positive experience!

We are just a self-funded small business without huge investors like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Twitter, IGN, etc. all have, which means your data on those sites are sold for better profit margins to make the investors happy! We don't collect much personal information like these other companies nor do we sell your data to 3rd parties. The only data collected is IP addresses to promote a healthy and fun environment, preventing scammers, spammers, and trolls from ruining any fun; and we collect email addresses for account security and the very occasional newsletter blast to let you know of important changes on the site, new features being added, or just to say hello to old friends (no joke)!

These ads help the continuation of improvements to your experience on the site, which includes a lot of custom development that you won't see on many, if any, other websites and all in one place! These features are always user-oriented, bringing cool gadgets to the site for you to enjoy. As of recent, we are implementing a full fledged Match Making system (LFG) unlike what you've experienced before, a customizable profile which leads to whole site customizations (showing you only the stuff you care about), a homepage revamp in to your Gamer's Hub, tournament brackets, media uploads/links to Youtube as well as integration with your Xbox DVR to show off your favorite game clips, adding your game streams to our streams page, and so much more! We want to provide you with the best gaming experience that no other site has offered and keeping it all in one place.

If you still don't want to see any ads, please consider supporting us through our Premium Membership. Being a Premium member will get rid of all the banner ads on the site, you gain access to all the super secret sections only for our Premium Members, and you get to show off the cool banner letting others know you would like to see our continued success. Thank you for clicking through and reading this! It shows you care about our site and would like to see us continue to keep the information free and accessible! No one likes to click a link to a website just to find out it no longer exists. Help us prevent that!

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