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    Patched New gctf after patch

    Don't need target mode Hover over enter with friends before do cesp Can use story decline twice
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    Patched Office Garage GCTF Method

    This was public already. I released this a while ago for no render after another no render was patched
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    Patched ANY vehicle with Avenger strength and insides (Super merge)

    discovered? It's just something almost everyone noticed.
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    Patched How to move deadspot + Solo glitch out for gc2f using deadspot

    Don't need a moc to swap it to nc. Drive a streetcar in nc service entrance Drive out and destroy Buy a car in full garage where deadspot is and it move to nc
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    Working Car to Terrorbyte Glitch (Semi Hard)

    This is a year old i guess. Pause simeon is easier in friend session. When in pause, open titan and spam right dpad when accept alert. Inv friend via phone.
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    Patched Gctf workaround

    Friend don't need to sit in his car. Just enter passenger side. I can leave moc like normal without a job
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    Discovery strange wall glitch at arcade

    Not inside wall. When go in first person few times or walk downstairs it's normal again
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    Discovery Dupe glitch (solo)

    1 decline targe 2 start a job 3 on fail alert right dpad 4 accept alert 5 pause , shark cards Now you can walk with jukebox menu
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    Discovery Dupe glitch (solo)

    Yea ik. Lags a bit when spawn outside. But always end up with car outside. Tried hack device as second part but can'y enter a car. And with jukebox you spawn outside on foot but issi disappear from bunker
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    Discovery Dupe glitch (solo)

    Seems they patched drive out while tp out car anyway. Different ways to do that and so far with all methods the issi in bunker disappears
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    Discovery Dupe glitch (solo)

    Did it even work to get Y option outside? I don't see the car part working anyway.
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    Discovery GTA Bed Glitch (Could Lead To Something)

    That bug doesn't work for jukebox
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    Discovery GTA Bed Glitch (Could Lead To Something)

    Not tried. Don't think it will work. That was a dupe with moc where pv marker was gone. Gonna test jukebox again. Maybe need a different timing. So far jukebox was for me the only way to spawn outside without a car 1598513912 If someone wanna mess with jukebox 1 decline target alert 2 stand...
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    Discovery GTA Bed Glitch (Could Lead To Something)

    Job from map never worked there because it doesn't tp you out of the car. With jukebox i spawn outside without car but issi in bunker is gone
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    Discovery Hangar Death Glitch

    Only hit it once but didn't die
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