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  1. Grammar Nazi

    Grammar Nazi

    Someone who is very articulate and is seen using proper grammar and spelling the majority of the time (excludes the funhouse).
  2. Greeter


    Someone who is always welcoming new members with unique replies.
  3. Free Hoster

    Free Hoster

    Member has hosted 20 or more free lobbies for Se7enSins users. This is not CO-HOSTED, this is YOU hosting your OWN lobbies.
  4. Bright Idea

    Bright Idea

    Someone who has posted a quality, 100% original suggestion in the Suggestion Box and had it implemented. When requesting this award, please link to your suggestion. Spelling mistakes do NOT count as a suggestion.
  5. Stickied


    This is awarded to those who have had a thread of theirs stickied. Paid threads do not count.
  6. Services


    Have an active shop open in any section that has had 15 requests completed.
  7. Seasoned Veteran

    Seasoned Veteran

    Be an active member on Se7enSins for at least 1 year with 500 posts.
  8. Platinum Record

    Platinum Record

    100,000 views on a thread
  9. Video Devotee

    Video Devotee

    Have 5 videos published on the Se7enSins YouTube or Vidme channel.
  10. Treasure Hunter

    Treasure Hunter

    Earn 15 Sin Tokens.
  11. 10th Anniversary

    10th Anniversary

    This is awarded to those who posted in the 10th Anniversary thread.
  12. Popular Livestreamer

    Popular Livestreamer

    Become a verified Se7enSins Livestreamer and stream at least 20 different days for more than an hour each time.
  13. Bug Finder

    Bug Finder

    Given to Sinners that have found bugs hiding within the website.
  14. Beginning of An Odyssey

    Beginning of An Odyssey

    Awarded to all current and past Diet Moderators and Content Team
  15. Scaling the Mountain

    Scaling the Mountain

    Awarded to all current and past Super Moderators and Project Managers
  16. Odysseus' Summit

    Odysseus' Summit

    Awarded to all current and past Administrators
  17. Discord Integration

    Discord Integration

    This trophy will be awarded to members who successfully link their Discord and Se7enSins account. (this needs to be requested manually)
  18. Server Booster

    Server Booster

    This is awarded to members that boost the official Se7enSins Discord server for 1 month.
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