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    Discussion Post Your Steam ID!

    Steam ID: 7killabytes Region: United States Timezone: EST Times Available: Anytime Games: Valve games, F2Ps, and COD 4
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    Nintendo, Please Do Not F**k up "Codename NX"

    I am sure many of you heard that Nintendo will be making a new gaming console. Code named "NX," witch we know very little about, other than it is coming. Nintendo said NX will have innovation from many interviews and such. However, Nintendo...I don't care about innovation, I don't care if it...
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    Discussion  Sony Is Talking About a Newer PS4 Model With Better Hardware

    Sony has been talking about releasing a new PS4 model that is to contain better hardware and use the x86 hardware that is in the PS4 to good use. Sony Computer Entertainment executive Masayasu Ito said that it is just talk, and not a confirmation of a new PlayStation 4 model. Anyway, with a...
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    What is your faviorite Mortal Kombat Fatality?

    I love that one too
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    What is your faviorite Mortal Kombat Fatality?

    So, if you play any of the Mortal Kombat games, we all have fatalities, the goriest, most brutal way to kill a person, rather it is ripping their head off, or violently beating them to death. And I want you guys to tell me your favorite Mortal Kombat Fatality. Note: No Babality's, Brutalitys...
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    Discussion GTA Online: Lowriders Coming Next Week October 20th (PS4/Xbox/PC)

    This is a copy and paste from Rockstar blog. Not good.
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    Discussion Grand Theft Auto V Complaint Thread

    Sorry for bad grammar, I am on my phone. I think it is time to say goodbye to grand theft auto v. Grand theft auto has always been a no fun allowed game in online, especially with the hackers. Grand theft auto v is a very dead game now, because everyone left, became a **** or a abusive hacker...
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    Discussion  What kind of parts and specifications I need for my PC?

    So, you are getting in to computers or thinking about getting into computers, and you have NO idea what parts to choose for your computer. Well, here is the place to decide what parts you need, for what kind of PC you want. (Gaming, Video/HQ Picture Editing, Workstation) Before I start, I do...
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    Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Review

    Yes, I know the beta is not over yet. But so far I'm enjoying the game. However, I did run into some unfair moments, glitches, and some net code issues. This is expected since this isn't the final game. With Frostbite engine being complex as it is, DICE have their hands full to fix the issues...
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