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    Anyone good with Photoshop??

    Send it over bruv I can't imagine it being all too difficult at all, lemme know how it goes.
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    Discussion Got That Splitscreen Going On

    I would honestly recommend finding a download for cod 4 just to play this mod. Being that mp servers are quite dead it's great even for single player use as it's a mod that utilizes PezBot and custom map configs so it makes for a really fun time even with bots, having too easy of a time? Just...
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    Discussion  [REQ] GPD List &/or Downloader

    Haven't meddled in 360 Profile modding for some time but i decided i wanted to make a fresh account for my new halo 5 xbox one but am first going to mod all the achievements through an offline 360 profile then connect it to xbl ect... As of yet i haven't found any good resource's for GPD lists...
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    Discussion Got That Splitscreen Going On

    The picture may look a little wonky but actually using it is absolutely seamless and looks nice i might just post a picture from my couch next time i am loading it up.
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    Damned n Hancer Graphics Best Eye Candy Graphics

    This looks really nice ill give this a try with the 4k water and blood mods should look quite nice :happy:
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    Patched Remove top on regular coquette

    I was in the exact same boat! I can confirm this works for pc by the way, at first I thought it wouldn't work because it loaded to fast on my ssd but I went at that mother****er and after a solid amount of time it worked :)
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    Discussion  Got That Splitscreen Going On

    100% Functional splitscreen on CoD4 on my 55" tv. Right now im playing the Galactic Warefare mod with Pezbots. I was trying to get this working all last night, bound to have hours of fun with the gf today! Right now its spliscreen with a total resolution of 1920x1080 (1920x540 individualy) but...
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    Ultimate GTA V 100% God Mode/Non GM Save W/ DlC (And Firework Launcher) PC

    This sounds pretty great but i haven’t tested because i would rather play without god mode and the link to the non-god mode download is the exact same as the god mode one, otherwise great contribution! :)
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    [Release] Phantomware Halo Online Trainer

    After experimenting i figured out if i launched your trainer while in any gamemode other than 0 (eg. None) it would crash also if i launched from inside the main directory for halo online with eldorado it would crash but if i launched it outside of the main game directory it would work.
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    [Release] Phantomware Halo Online Trainer

    A new ElDorito has been released and it implements gametypes and from the looks of things with gametypes applied your application doesn't work correctly. For me it just crashes even if its just on Slayer. Here is a picture of the error i am getting
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    [Release] Phantomware Halo Online Trainer

    Ahh i see now i understand your intentions that is pretty reasonable. But i wasn’t specifically talking about a message box i was more thinking of a status indicator of sorts. Something that would show either of the following at the bottom of the app Halo: Online Found Halo: Online Not Found...
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    [Release] Phantomware Halo Online Trainer

    It looks really nice and works pretty great, although when replacing my grenade throw with the fuel rod projectile it seemed to crash the game on edge. I will keep experimenting with different things. Some constructive criticism though is that i would make some kind of indication somewhere in...
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    Do you love Crash Bandicoot?

    Not that I’d be opposed to the idea but i think our furry marsupial friend deserves another standalone title if you ask me, each to their own :)
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    Do you love Crash Bandicoot?

    Well you know what i sure do. Crash Bandicoot is an icon. Through thick and thin Crash Bandicoot will live on through each and everyone’s souls and likeness. I would trade my first born child for Crash Bandicoot to shed fresh light on a classic gem to share to all life amongst the new age. So...
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    What was your most stupidest game you ever played

    Faerie Solitaire...
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