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Not really that much to say about myself. Im a fairly normal person with everyday problems and such.

So il just put my gaming "career" in my "About You" section. This being a gaming forum and all ;P

My first gaming device was the very first Gameboy. You know the big blocky red one that was black and white? I only had one game on it and that game was Zelda.Then not to soon after that i got a Gameboy Advanced and played Donkey Kong King of Swing and some racing game. Along with a few others i cant remember.

I then got the Original Xbox in 2004. It came with Harry Potter 2 and Midway Arcade and Tye The Tasmanian Tiger. But the first day i had it my mum somehow broke my Midway Arcade :/ Then quite soon after i got Halo 1 along with a collection of other various games. One of them being Halo 2 which i played ALOT.

Then some time in 06' i got a 20gb Xbox 360 Pro that came with Viva Pinata and Forza 2. Then of course i got Halo 3. I must say when i put that game in for the first time it really made my life.

Then i got live during 2008. During my first year of xbox live i played the s**t out of Halo 3 online. Also being from an older console generation i was quite farmilliar with "cheats" they were a pretty big thing back in the day :wink: . So while looking for cheats i found out about mods. I thought they were very interesting and had a ton of potential. So i looked into mods and would you have guessed it, mods brought me here.

I used it mainly for Halo 3 in 08-09. But never made an account. I was abit of a leech xD. Then my friend told me about this game "Call of Duty" So i decided to buy the new one that was just about to come out at the time. The first one i played was World at War and i must say i still think it is the best cod game to date. So i played the crap out of it. Nearly as much as i played Halo 3 :wink:

Then all this hype started about the new call of duty (MW2). So i thought id give its predecesor a go (CoD4). I really liked it. So i started to get quite exited for MW2. Then during the time period before MW2 came out and i was playing Halo 3 and WaW i decided to make an account on here for mainly Halo a little for Call of Duty and also a fraction for gears. xD

I was incredibly un-active for a long time. Until i started to get really into modding. I got very into modding during Mw2 and Black Ops. Then i posted abit on here for like a couple weeks then was in-active again.

A few months later i decided to get on the site again, for the 2nd time. I found i enjoyed myself quite abit. So since then i have been a pretty active member here on Se7ensins, and i must say its has been a very good decision of mine to come back to the site.

Well thier you go, thats my gaming "career" of sorts. I dont expect anyone to read this but w/e. Im sure someone will one day :smile:
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