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    What is your favourite mod pack?

    I think my favorite Mod pack is (Hexxit), As a part of the Technic Launcher it's a great pack and the best for the adventure player! You can battle bosses and claim your spot in the realm where magic rules! Although there is a bit of a lag problem if you can't dedicate at least 1 GB for the game...
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    Hey, May we know a little information about your clan? Examples: How many members, Clan Wars (Y)(N), Play style, All of those help me potentially join! Thanks man, Best of luck!
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    Discussion Best/Worst Armor Combinations

    Here are my thoughts! Best: Worst: ~Just random thoughts~
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    Discussion Gaming Setup Thread

    Here is my setup!
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    What FPS do you get?

    I am getting around 120 fps on Hexxit in the Technic mod pack! Considering that I have almost all settings set to the buffs, Here is a ScreenShot! Love Technic and I recommend it to 100% of Players!
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    What's up guys

    That's awesome! Now anyone looking for a Free Agent can see your play style and why they should pick YOU over someone else :) Good luck man, Wish you all the best!
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    Hysteria Gaming [Xbox One] Recruiting

    Looks awesome! Hey maybe you should add a Prefix of (Xbox One) So everyone knows your platform :) Instead of stating it it the thread name? Have fun man, Looks great!
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    What's up guys

    Try having your name in the Free agents section :) Works great! If not give us some Information on how you play?
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    UXGZxGAMING Now Recruiting

    Okay, I have added you and am currently on Ghosts :)
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    UXGZxGAMING Now Recruiting

    GamerTag : Op Takeaway K.D Ration : 1.347 W.L Ratio : 0.813 Favorite Gun : AK12 Favorite Game Mode : (Objective) S&R, S&D, Blitz, DOM, ect. TimeZone : USA Central Time Time Played : 4 days 1 Hour 38 Minuets and 54 Seconds Rank : 9th Prestige level 60 When are you Available : Monday through...
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    Recruiting Now

    Np problem man, Rules are rules and I don't argue that :) Thanks anyway for telling me :D
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    Recruiting Now

    I am 15 years of age and turning 16 soon? I am a very active player and work great with a team:) If there were to be any acceptation please let me know, I would love to prove my worth~!
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    Looking for Competitive Clan

    Hey everyone, I have played Call of Duty all my life and have been jumping from clan to clan. The reason is I can't seem to find a clan that is Loyal to the players and active. I think that players should all be active and Loyal to each another in a clan! That fact is sadly hard to find. A...
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    Recruiting For New CoD Competitive Clan

    I would love to know more about your clan, I am a competitive player and work well as with a team:) I will be sure to message you and look into your clan further!
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