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    Discussion Why Battlefield is better than Call of Duty?

    people shouldn't use the "it's more realistic excuse"... making a jump leap across the map with c4 while someone is on the jeep is not necessarily realistic. I prefer Battlefield because it gives a diversity on the game. Whether you want to stay at long range with a sniper, running around...
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    Discussion thoughts on battlefield hardline being delayed?

    It's good. I'm glad Visceral is delaying the game and listening to the community on what they can improve to make Hardline enjoyable. I have no plans on buying the game. But if I hear good things from the community about the game when released, then I will.
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    Discussion dumb question
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    Discussion Dragon's Teeth DLC Footage of all the new weapons, Desert Eagle+ Eod Bot LMG+M320 combo and more

    I just hope they don't add much of a delay towards the Eagle. I'd gladly use it
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    Discussion I'm a Noob. What is the best Carbine?

    acr-w in my opinion.
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    Discussion How much of you life have you invested

    Now im at 300 hours and flying the scout helicopter for 70 hours
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    Discussion Engineer's is destroying the game.

    Lol. this thread. Anyways no, engineers aren't destroying the game and it's perfectly fine. I fly on the scout chopper 24/7 and I can assure you stingers aren't my problem. You can easily fly out of their boundaries, use your countermeasure and destroy them, or when they are targeting and...
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    Titanfall "Add Me" Thread

    PC- HoeZeyBear
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    Discussion How much of you life have you invested

    263hours. And haven't hit 100 yet :banghead: been using most of my time practicing
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    Discussion Phantom Trainee?

    You have to unlock the assignment first. You have to go to leaderboards on battlelog and then scroll all the way down and click on the phantom icon on the bottom left. Once you click it, it'll run the "phantom program" that looks like a console command. It'll stop midway and ask you to enter a...
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    Notch's take on Minecraft: "It's dying" [Fake]

    Eh, I doubt this. after all, April 1st is right around the corner. They can boost sales back up once they release it for the Xbox One and PS4. The xbox 360 edition sold more than 10 million copies (source) and the PS3 version has sold around 1 million within a month (source). Plus, they always...
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    Unsolved FTB Help!

    FTB doesn't need 16GB. Modpacks run smoothly at 2-3GB. Your graphics card is fine. If you're running on a 32bit system, you have to upgrade to a 64bit to be able to use your RAM effectively. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling Java and reinstalling it. It helped me once.
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    Discussion [Official] 7S BattleLog Platoon

    Applied. it might say PS4, but my main console is PC.
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    Discussion MadKatz Titanfall Mouse and Keyboard

    ehh.. For a keymembrane, it is pretty expensive. I want to move from my Tt eSports Challenger keyboard, which is also a key membrane. With that money, I rather get a Corsair Vengeance K70 or CM Storm Quickfire XT.
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    Discussion Battlefield 4 Complaint Thread

    Rubberbanding and the invisible walls are annoying me
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