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    Call of Duty Ghosts: Free Agents

    I'm looking for a clan in gold division and up. I have a 1.34 kd. I've been I multiple other clans but left because they are really not active. My last clan I was in was called MLW and we were number one for light weight clans back on mw3 message me if I can join your clan I'm 18 my GT...
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    Need one more to boost

    Message me @ MLWxKILLSHOTT
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    Anyone want to MCOM boost on my server

    Message me MLWxKILLSHOTT for an invite. I'm playing a different game but when I get messages I'll go back to bf4
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    Need people to boost I have a server

    Message MLWxKILLSHOTT for an invite I will boost for awhile xbox one only
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