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I am a male who likes: listening to music, playing wheelchair basketball, writing, gaming, and learning new things such as Spanish. I enjoy watching movies, visiting Se7enSins, and Facebook.

I joined this site originally back in 2010 when I first got interested in modding and Modern Warfare 2 challenge lobbies; haha those were the days. I was just lurking around getting free lobbies and what not and then decided to sign up back in 2013 but that didn't go very well. I made my current account in 2014 and I am glad I did because the users have helped me out a lot and I've helped a lot of users too. I feel that's what makes a community and it feels good to be able to ask members for help.

I am a double amputee and lost both of my limbs ( below the knee) due to Meningitis which is a deadly thing. I was in hospitals for months, being transferred, but I am a fighter and I survived, even after being on life-support and in a coma for 3 months. Very weird things are comas. Some of you may cringe reading this but I'm an open and honest guy and have nothing to hide, it stops curiosity and it helps not take life for granted which many people do unfortunately. I also had heart and kidney failure and died 3 times. I'm not boasting or anything, just emphasising how lucky I am to be alive.

I am very grateful for being here and living life, even if it is rubbish at times because that's what makes life. And also, life is meant to be lived so why not live it? I hope you enjoyed reading this short bio, if anyone has questions feel free to ask.
Wheelchair basketball, writing, reading, and Spanish.
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