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    ***Actually started watching that playlist, and that should just about be the only thing needed in this forum, besides a few pointers from the experts that know some better solutions. The playlist that was shared is actually very good!!! I will also be getting the premium as well :) Thank you...
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    ***That link is very helpful, the only problem is the video's are for JTAG and not stealth servers or for RGH :/
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    Well, I would like to ask a question as well. I am getting a "pre-programmed' cool runner and no I did not get the nand x (because my cool runner is pre programmed) So that being said, I can solder ect,ect. My question is; which server is best BESIDES NinJa? I do not want to spend $120 a...
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    What stealth server do you use if you don't mind me asking?
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    Forza Horizon 2 XBOX 360

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