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    News Picoboot- Raspberry Pi Pico GameCube Modchip

    Sadly I got rid of the XenoGC system but I would definitely do an install of both if they run well together!
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    Working Fortnite STW duplication glitch/glitches

    I haven't heard of any recently sadly.
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    Man this is so much simpler than looking online all the time for her location lol. Nice little post you have here!
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    News Picoboot- Raspberry Pi Pico GameCube Modchip

    Man I am so excited for this since I did a XenoGC install years back. I need to get another GameCube and do a pico install and possibly 3D print a full size DVD shell for it too. Just mod it like crazy 💚
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    Unsolved TU4 Modded files

    It won't work on the latest TU, but you can play an older TU if you want on Aurora.
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    Solved Problem with external hard drive and Freestyle dash 3.

    Try to format it with FatXplorer. I think you should be able to format it through there. But you do need it formatted with the console itself if FatXplorer doesn't work.
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    Unsolved Rgh 3.0 Jasper slow booting

    I just done a Jasper 16mb nand MW2 console and have near instant boots. You may want to build an XeBuild image that disables waiting for HDMI as that could be the root of the issue.
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    Unsolved [Question] how to put rgloader devkit on xbox 360 with rgh 3

    Aha, glad we could get to the bottom of it!
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    Unsolved PS3 giving ERROR 80010007

    This is generally just an issue with PKG games and files. If you can find the game files and put them into Multiman then that would be your better alternative.
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    Solved Anyone else reset?

    If I am correct I think everyone gets reset, they may have already grinded or haven't played the game since the new update if they are on your friends list and you still see their rank.
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    Tools  MSP Spoofing Tool [17599]

    Just a simple tool to spoof your MSP on your RGH. If you have any issues with the tool feel free to let me know. Download Virus Scan
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    Tools Console Options [Revamp]

    Lol I figured you would see it fairly quickly, nevertheless feel free to leave feedback on if anything isn't working as intended. The DVD key and xMessagebox are still in beta so not working as of yet but I plan to have those fixed shortly.
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    Tools Console Options [Revamp]

    Look just under the image and you should be able to grab the link.
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    Tools  Console Options [Revamp]

    I have gone and remade my console options tool from years back with new features and common buttons that everyone can use. Even if you are trying to set up a RGH for the first time I have links to most of the items you will need in the tool itself. Example: if you need to find the RGH 3 guide...
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    Solved Anyone else reset?

    Every season you get reset. That's just how Warzone works lol
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