1. Greeter


    Someone who is always welcoming new members with unique replies.
  2. Seasoned Veteran

    Seasoned Veteran

    Be an active member on Se7enSins for at least 1 year with 500 posts.
  3. Beginning of An Odyssey

    Beginning of An Odyssey

    Awarded to all current and past Diet Moderators and Content Team
  4. Pumpking


    Find at least one (1) pumpkin during The Great Se7enSins Pumpkin Scavenger Hunt.
  5. Discord Integration

    Discord Integration

    This trophy will be awarded to members who successfully link their Discord and Se7enSins account. (this needs to be requested manually)
  6. Sweet Sixteen!

    Sweet Sixteen!

    This is awarded to those who posted in the 16th Anniversary thread.
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