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    Unsolved Need Help With LG G4

    FRP unlock can be done using OTG. Plenty of tutorials online. Can also be done remotely, with the proper hardware.
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    Unsolved Transfer to new device

    Bish pls. Since I actually read the post let me.share some info. Google will not sync messages, OP you need to specify what type of messages you are trying to save. I'm assuming SMS. There are plenty of apps on the market that let you do that. Try Cloud SMS Backup & Restore. You could also save...
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    Unsolved s6 not charging

    Are you trying to repair it? Or are you just informing us on your plan to take it back to sprint? Cause I'm lost here.
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    Discussion Does COD Break Controllers

    There's a reason why PS3 controller do that, it's the way they're made. The analog stick is directly connected the motherboard but the buttons are not. They are controlled by a pressure sensitive flex cable that is connected to the motherboard using pressure. You push down basically weakens the...
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    Unsolved Reverting back to stock ROM on S4(Odin not working)

    Screenshot or error message please
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    Unsolved Reverting back to stock ROM on S4(Odin not working)

    Try changing cable or ports. What exactly isn't working?
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    Unsolved Snapchat Hack?

    You can thank the XDA community for that. Kept bugging the dev. There really isn't any other replacement for it either.
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    Wifi channel 13 cannot connect?

    To avoid congestion use either channel 1, 6, or 11. Not sure about channel 13 in the UK but it is illegal to use in the US. To be able to receive support easily I suggestion you switch to one of those 3 channels as they generally are the standards.
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    Unsolved xposed framework help

    Your choice. Some ROMs are deodexed which works much better with Xposed.
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    Unsolved xposed framework help

    You might need to flash a kernel that supports Xposed.
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    Solved Can You Root This?

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    Solved Can You Root This?

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    Unsolved No Su binary

    Open up SuperSU and see if there's an update.
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    Unsolved xposed framework help

    You've more than likely flashed regular Xposed. You need Xposed by wanam
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    Virgin Media, slow wifi while uploading to YouTube

    This is a common belief that is wrong. When uploading speeds are being stressed it will definitely slowed both. To simply put it, you can only download as fast as you can upload. If your letting the server know you X amount of packets at a time you need a constant upload speed to have it...
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