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I have known about the site since 2011, but didn't join until 2012. TTG was my go-to site for about a year and a half before getting IP banned. I then came to Se7ensins, and after about 6 months, I got un-IP banned from TTG and went back. During those roughly six months, I leeched off of TTG and got mod menus to host on se7ensins. About six months later, I'm right back in the situation I was in before. IP banned from TTG, no changing it this time (I never knew how to change my IP at the time.)

So, I came back in early 2013, forgetting the password to my previous account and making this one. Still, I wasn't active hardly at all, mainly because I was so hooked on COD. Fast forward until about December of last year. My school iPad ended up having some errors over Christmas break, which then disabled the filters and I was able to get on se7ensins. That's when I became more active and started posting again.

Fast forward again until the beginning of March. At the time, I never really talked to anybody or followed anyone, just minded my own business. I was browsing the forums one day and decided to check out the Se7ensins Contests, when I noticed G0D (who was known at the time as The God of Premium) and AnonLobbies were hosting a giveaway together. It was on a Friday night, so I decided to enter because I had never actually bought premium or won it before. I ended up TYING the winning post number, which was 450, with fathom7411. I still remember it to this day, and even have a picture of it around here somewhere.

A week goes by, and I changed my name to Glitching, but still wanted a better name than that. So, I PM'd G0D (At this time he was God of Premium) asking for some name change ideas. He gave me some, then I came up with the idea of me changing my name to Jesus of Premium and us hosting a giveaway together. That idea came to a quick halt when G0D was banned, but for the wrong reasons. That's when me and him got to really know each other, as I helped him reverse his two week ban, and he came back within three days. Ever since that happened, me and him have kept in constant contact with one another. We've become really good friends, and for that I thank him. He's helped me out with money problems, girl problems, and everything in-between.

It wasn't just him that has helped me, though. I started chasing after awards, and shortly after became hooked on the GTA section. For about a month and a half, pretty much 95% of my posts were in the Support Section. Eventually, that led to me getting nominations for June MOTM. RapDog ended up winning that, but it was probably one of the closest and most voted on MOTM final polls in quite some time. I was disappointed, frustrated, and was really on the verge of quitting until I got some words of inspiration from Holo. I regained my motivation, and I kept doing what I was doing.

In the mist of all this, I had been writing for the Homepage. I was looking for ways to sort of branch out from the GTAV Support Section, and it started becoming easier and easier to write and get my articles promoted. However, I have to give credit where credit is due, and say thank you to one person: OG Phantom. He has given me several articles to write about, and I am honestly very grateful that he has done so. Same with Ms Claws. I appreciate all of the motivation, inspiration, and **** they have given me. They have made writing so much more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be. Them, Decayse, and the rest of the group. Oh, and Adzee.

Chaos, you deserve a spot in here whether you want it or not. You have been such a good friend to me and I probably wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for you. We've been through a lot in the past few months but it's all been worth it. You got diet like you wanted, and I'm glad you got your position back. I know I may say this over and over again, but thank you truly for everything. I've had some rough bumps in my life and it's nice to have a friend there to talk to.

Need to brush the dust off this thing, probably give it a good waxing too. Anyway, as of yesterday (11/26), I was promoted to diet. Without certain people it wouldn't have been possible, as stated above. This is a wonderful community with wonderful people and I'm glad to get a chance to work alongside some of my really good friends <3.

Retired as of 4/24/15. Had a great run while I was on staff. I'll still be around :wink:

Promoted 4/21/16 to Writer. Glad to be back <3​
Jan 26, 1999 (Age: 24)
Computers, Video games, cooking, cars.





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