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    Discussion What is the best mobile game?

    Slay the Spire, Super Auto Pets, and Pokemon Go are my top ones. I like the Supercell games too.
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    Official PC Game Code Drop Thread -✘ NO REQUESTING ✘

    Shadow of Mordor - GOTY Edition Before October 3 redeem your offer code on Code: A6H6DC0E4747E17B83
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    Discussion Share your shinys!

    Nice, I have yet to find shiny zigzagoon.
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    Tools [Pokecord][Discord Bot]Gotcha Bot v2.1 - Auto catcher +

    Running this on my own server will transfer the data to other server that run PokeCord correct? It is working flawlessly btw.
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    Discussion Share your shinys!

    Are you on discord? I just set up my second account for spoofing but I have questions.
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    Discussion Share your shinys!

    Do you spoof?
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    Show Off AzzidReign's old works of "art"

    The old awards are a major throwback. I love seeing all the old sigs too. One day that era of design will make a come back! So edgy :)
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    News Adventure Week

    I was so busy during that week, I literally did like 2 new stops :(. Got a shiny Lileep tho.
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    Discussion  Share your shinys!

    Lets see your shiny collections! My first one was the magnemite in the wild! Screenshots:
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    News New Lures and Sinnoh pokemon added!

    Already got both my Galceon and Leafeon. Saving my magnemite candy to evolve my shiny one!
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    Discussion Pokemon Go Friends Codes

    9272 2153 0022 Add me b****es Aydind
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    News Shiny Lapras & Shuckle released world-wide

    I had 2 accounts running, lures and incense and I only got one @[email protected]
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    News Shiny Meltan Returns - Limited Time

    Are you able to hook a brotha up with a meltan box?
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    News Shiny Lapras & Shuckle released world-wide

    Took me 69 checks to find one ;)
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    Discussion Anyone still play Pokemon Go?

    I just started playing again this week.
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