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    Discussion Biggest pet peeve with BF1

    My biggest pet peeve is when I'm playing a medic and every damn guy skips his revive right as I"m about there. This happens so much I start noticing that gamertag and never revive him. It's a piss off running 15m in fire to only get to a dead body that just finished holding their button. Like...
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    Discussion Hacking BF1 Discussion

    1. As everyone has said yes. 2. You don't need to pay $40 for an account. I bought 2 accounts for my buddies that are still playing to this day for $6.00. 3. There is a problem, But as much as I play on the PC you usually start to play with the same set of guys if you are one 1 constant mode...
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    Tutorial How to decrypt WUD files for loadiine on the Wii U

    Nifty program, For anyone wanting the Wii U Starbuck Ancast Key that works its : B5D8AB06ED7F6CFC529F2CE1B4EA32FD
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    Solved dash update help!

    You can also just use the guide in my signature and it will do everything for you automatically.
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    Solved How could I instal Linux or ubuntu in the hard disk of my XBOX360
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    Looking for some buds

    Big_Ddog <-- If your still down to game, I have all systems but mainly use my pc for gaming now. Add me up.
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    Solved What burner do you use for your XGD3 games? IS your best bet to find a drive that works. I personally have the old trusty ihas Rev B that I use externally.
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    Solved Xbox360 DVD drive flashing/writing help? connecting windows 8

    Do you even have the right VIA card, A LOT of them won't detect the dvd drive.
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    Solved disc drive problem

    1. You could swap the drive out for a brand new/ used one of the same make/model and swap the dvd keys with software and a probe. 2. You could do the above, and save yourself some hassle and just swap the PCB if you know how to solder at all.
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    Patched The Division: Glitch Thread.

    Be nice to see the text tutorial as well that were included in the original posts. I hate wasting my time watching every kids you tube video.
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    Solved RGH refusing Avatar update

    1. You can try turning the settings off in dashlaunch. 2. You can try rebuilding your Nand with the method below in my signature. It will do everything for you.
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    Patched Turret-Gun Glitch Simplified

    One of the rules of this section is your guide must contain a text tutorial. And a quick google search came up with this Click Here for your subtitle problem.
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    Solved Play Game/DVD problem. Help?

    This would happen if your dvd key does not match up to the dvd key on the kv.
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    Solved Need help to fix my rgh

    Try using the update tutorial I have posted below in my signature
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    Solved Need help to fix my rgh

    Can you boot xell?
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