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    Planetside 2 Beta

    I don't have a beta key but you can play on my account if you want i never play it, pm me.
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    I've been playing crossfire since beta, I hate hackers :mad: My account: Not really active right now though
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    Discussion Anyone have CS: Global Offense beta?

    If you really really desperate there's a method to play it through vmware on a russian windows xp but the game is still in english with offline bots =P pm me for links
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    CS:GO Beta Key Signups!

    Just letting everybody know you can take a steam survey for a chance to win a Counter Strike: Global Offensive beta key. To take the survey paste 'steam://takesurvey/2/' after the target of your steam shortcut Or you can go to and scroll down to the survey post...
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    Cube World

    8==D~~... Saw this trailer, I'm exited for a new rpg! It's still in development but the developer is expecting to release the alpha Q1 2012 . inb4 it looks like mincraft, terraria and zelda Developers Youtube: Developers Website...
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    BlackLight Retributions Closed Beta (+Keys)

    Thanks, I'll try this game out After taking about 2 hours to download + patch the game.... (it has a dl cap not sure whats the cap but the game is about 2.5gbs) It looked really good playing the tutorial and felt awesome at first then i tried multiplayer, ew. :)
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    Discussion Need some advice

    There is a rectangular hole in the back of the case for all the motherboard ports to fit and the motherboard comes with an i/o panel to fit perfectly in that rectangular hole. For the compatibility you will notice the motherboard needs an LGA 1155 socket cpu for it work (ASUS P8H61-M (REV 3.0)...
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    Discussion Need some advice

    Case: Hard Drive: 320gb Western Digital Monitor: 20" LED ACER GPU: EVGA GTX 550 TI 2GB...
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    Discussion Need some advice

    No, I would still stick to building, that graphics looks like a bottleneck for that cpu and If you want to game then your gpu has to be somewhat highend o_O
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    Discussion Need some advice

    Intel is better but I was just sticking to your budget but heres an idea of the performance agaisnt the cpu i had chosen to the new one look at the 2500k benchmark score then look at the phenom II x4 975 score... either stick with amd or don't be...
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    Discussion Need some advice

    If you want to stay in the budget of 600-700 and want a new hdd, os and psu then.. new build! Case: LOOKED COOL =P HDD: 320GB WESTERN DIGITAL Motherboard: ASUS...
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    Discussion Need some advice

    It is simple to build a computer just youtube it and you will be fine. I can't give you links but you will have to find a download for it (pm me if you want) and burn it to a disc so you can install it on your computer after it's been built or upgrade your current pc from vista
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    Discussion Need some advice

    The hard drive prices are inflated due to the flooding in thailand but if you need one then, 500gb is fine? fixed cpu linked
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    Discussion Need some advice

    Dvd drive : Case + PSU : GPU: GTX 550 ti 2gb RAM: 8gb gskill 1600...
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    Russian Key Activation?

    I was wondering about this also, I def wanna buy some when I get some money. I've read around though seems like people are getting away with it but some are saying you can get banned?
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