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    Cod4 Flying Turnip 2018 Infection

    sonnyy this is now open.
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    How many PC games do you own?

    About 200, maybe slightly more.
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    Discovery CEO Associate style glitch

    The image is there. I see it.
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    Discussion What was your opinion on Battlefield 2042

    Nah, I'm not getting it. The game is fun, but only for a short amount of time. I get bored after a while.
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    Discussion what wireless headset??????????

    I use the Hyper X Cloud II's, but mine are wired. I assume the wireless are just as good.
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    Discussion what wireless headset??????????

    I've always used the Hyper X Clouds for everything.
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    Xbox one modded controller

    Taterpie420 did you bank on getting the instinct pro like SSL suggested? or haven't decide yet?
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    Discussion How many hours have you invested in GTA V "online"?

    Around 50 hrs. I prefer the story/offline.
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    Discussion What's your favorite video game you've been playing?

    Currently Valorant.
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    Discussion Strategy Games

    They get repetitive or just don't have the time to invest in it anymore. Only noticeable strategy game I've played was Clash of Clans.
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    News First game you remember playing?

    Super Mario on Gameboy Advanced.
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    PC Freebies Tell Me Why [100% off]

    Tell me why... you wouldn't take it for free.
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    Solved Are there any prestige lobbies for mw2 open for pc?

    Users offer free lobbies in our modded lobbies forum here. Search around for MW2 lobbies here also feel free to watch the forum so you get alerts when lobbies are posted.
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    Solved God mode jet

    Don't send him anything. It's just a scam.
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