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Wacky Wednesday #5

Today we experience yet another trip into the wacky mind of Kankuro.
I was really hoping to see the cops in the GTA V clip either get run over by one of the cars or do something really stupid but was disappointed.

Overall some funny clips though. :thumbsup:
Ah I see K Kankuro . Figured that is what was about to happen because seen it happen so many time. Missed the best part if he had actually gotten hit and started shooting at the truck. :RIP:

Thought the Halo one at the end was funny with the sounds. Seemed like you were getting hit in the balls. :hilarious:
H Hulk Yea, he didn't do anything but run into the truck then walk around it so I didn't see any point in keeping it.

If you look closely at the halo one the canister that hits him in the 3rd kill just flies up out of nowhere.
Yea, GTA V cops clips can definitely be extremely hilarious if caught at the right time and right place.

LMAO! Just re-watched it and it does come out of nowhere.
C Casp I'm hoping you're talking about me, otherwise I'll be very sad. Whether you are or you aren't, I'm going to make it about me and say "thank you".

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