Very realistic hunting experience

Game doesn’t get any more realistic then this.

Government, Oct 14, 2018
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    • Skepta
      "was defeated by gravity"
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    • boonk
      Wtf just happened?
    • ISOCheated
      So realistic, this happens every time I go hunting
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    • Claws
      I actually really love call of the wild, but I've encountered a few glitches like this that kind of make me annoyed lol.
    • Jimmy
      Absolute trebucheted
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      Claws You saying that makes me want to puke. This game was the biggest waste of $40 I've ever spent. It's so horrible.
    • Government
      JOKEROFXBOX I got it for free, also I looked at the reviews and preview and it looked glitchy but that made me want it even more.
    • Claws
      JOKEROFXBOX I enjoyed it enough to buy all the dlc for it as well. What reasons do you not like it for?
      Government It's one of the worst games I have ever played. You have to crouch or prone everywhere you go as the deer have superman hearing, and can literally hear you from 150+ feet away if you're being too "loud". You can walk and be heard. You can crouch and be heard. You literally have to 'ever so slightly' push your analog stick to move because if you push it any harder, they'll hear you. And to top it all off, when you actually find the animal you've been hunting for 2 hours and shoot it (not fatal), it runs away, and magically the blood trail stops like the deer found a medic, and if you miss your shot, you have to find it again as the animal runs quicker than Usain Bolt.
      My brother and I were searching for animals for 2 hours, and found absolutely nothing. Not even a bunny. Just leaves, branches, feces, etc.
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