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The Basics to Survival - 7 Days to Die

Accompany Wavy as he explores and discovers his way through a zombie infested survival world!
Wavy with the sweet video. I like how you punched a pig to death and then you started to punch a tree. Wavy the Savage.
TTG Account in the main menu? What? Why not Se7enSins account?

"I'm dying inside", yeah how great. It was funny as f*** when you smacked that girl zombie and her throat starting going all over.

Anyways, the game looks decent enough to play. I might buy it if I have nothing else to play.
Sombra Sombra I think the TTG Account is either not what you think, or it's something the game devs did for them. I looked it up when I reviewed this video but couldn't find anything on it.
Hah, I've been meaning to look into this game a bit. Lol, I thought for sure the zombie at 16:00 was done for good, but then NOPE!
Not sure if I said it in the video, but if you play this with friends online I'm sure it will be an even more fun time! This game feels like it should be a multiplayer based game whenever I'm on it. Solo just gets boring, tedious, our confusing too much.

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